Police Tasers 1.1


What does this script do?
This script enables police to use the stun gun at Wanted Level 1. Instead of blindly chasing the player, the patrol officers will use the stun gun and attempt to stun the player. If the player is stunned, they will be unable to move for a few seconds - which gives the police a chance to move in for an arrest.

Most of this script is automatic.

If you want to surrender to police, press E while wanted and you will put your hands up for the police to come and get you. Will put in a config in the future to change this key binding.

1. Install ScriptHookVDotNet if you do not have it already.
2. Download latest release of Police Tasers.
3. Drop PoliceTaser.dll into the scripts folder.

Known Caveats:
1. Sometimes you might experience the taser effect if a Cop does not have Line of Sight. I am working on a fix for this, once I figure out how to calculate line of sight.
2. Key for surrendering to police cannot be edited at this time.

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