Selective Fire 1.2d


Added source code into ZIP upload file.
I also don't care, if you like my source code, there are prettier ones I know ;)

UPDATE 1.2d (02.08.2019):
• Bug fixes - please report issues! Also add your "ScriptHookVDotNet2.log" log file, or else I will not help and assist you.
• Added source code into ZIP upload file

UPDATE 1.2c (22.06.2019):
• Selective fire now also works in cars!
• Added source code

UPDATE 1.2b (01.02.2019):
• Added support for latest patch 1.0.1604.0
I was quite busy in real life and university - sorry, that it took me so long guys :P
• Don't forget to also update to the latest NativeUI version!

UPDATE 1.2 (25.05.2017):
• Added the ability to change the notification types inside the menu when changing firing modes. You can choose between Subtitle, Map Notification, Help text and none.

UPDATE 1.1 (15.05.2017):
• Added support for controller/gamepad.
The controller/gamepad firing switch can also be customised inside the ingame menu!

This mods aims for a more realistic weapon behavior by adding the ability to change the firing modes of weapons. You can select between Full/Auto (Default), Semi, and 2 different burst firing modes (The first one requires that you release the trigger after firing and the other one shoots bursts with a delay, like the FAMAS in CoD:MW2), of which you can change the number of shots fired. You even can go into safety mode and lock your gun. The key used to switch between the 5 firing modes can be customized with an ingame menu. Don't like one of the available firing firing modes, or who needs 5 firing modes anyway you are thinking right now? Well, then you can simply choose the firing modes between which you want to switch!


• 5 different weapon firing modes
• Firing mod customisation
• Custom burst shot count
• Ingame menu (NativeUI)
• Ingame changeable key assignment
• Ingame changeable controller assignment
• Custom notification types: Subtitle, Map Notification, Help text and none

Press the selected key(s) or controller/gamepad button(s) to switch between the firing modes you selected.

Open the menu by typing "FIREM" like a old GTA cheat (e.g. JUMPJET in San Andreas) while in the game. (This is because nearly every​ user has mapped some functions on every f*cking key, and after a one time configuration, you will not need the menu again)

Select between 5 firing modes:
• Safety/Lock
• Semi fire
• Full Auto (Default)
• Burst fire with trigger release
• Burst fire with delay between bursts (like Full Auto but with a delay)

Change the shot count of the burst fire inside the ingame menu. Available are 2,3,4 and 5 shot bursts.

Choose the way the game indicates the change of firing modes by notifications inside the ingame menu. Available are Subtitle, Map Notification, Help text and none.

To turn this mod and all of its features off uncheck "Mod enabled".

Save your settings, to play with the same settings on the next startup of the game, by selecting this button.

As mentioned before, the only control is the firing mode switch. The key(s) and the controller/gamepad button(s) can be changed inside the ingame menu. Just follow the steps shown on the screen. No INI needed. It can be that simple.
• Switch firing mode with keyboard (default: Capslock)
• Switch firing mode with controller/gamepad (default: A)

This is a .NET mod!
The folder names inside the ZIP-file describe into which folder you should put which files.

.NET Framework
Visual C++
Native UI for the in-game menu

EnforcerZhukov has got a mod with similar functionality and some other fancy and nice features. In his mod description you can read, that I did the code of the firing mode (=Selective Fire) feature. After asking him if he wants to continue with his mod and if I should help him, we came to the conclusion, that I should continue what we started, and here is the improved version with bugfixes of it! So I want to thank him at this point for the cooperation and his works for the community.
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