Terminator Hunter Lite Script 1.9

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Made for use with replacement model from:
Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA]

Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET

Installation: Place the tHunterlite.dll file in your ...\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts folder. (replace pedestrian model as described in the Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA] mod)

Source is included, you may use any part,or all of my script for your own scripts/mods, and are free to use it in videos or other media.
Please credit me if you upload this script to another site.

Adds a single Terminator AI that will pursue you endlessly, It is (effectively) invincible though you can knock it out long enough to run away with explosives. Getting far enough away will give you a reprieve from it while it attempts to locate you again. Escaping the terminator will reset your wanted level to 0. Hints are given at the bottom of the screen to give you an idea about where it is and what action it is taking. The Terminator uses a minigun.

I am currently working on adding some other small features and will update this script in the future.

(My god... it's full of ifs)
last line of script in 1.5 was 199, last line in 1.9 is 461........
Consider this a pre-release of v2... still needs a bit of debugging and polish.

-Removed blood impact effects & added sparks (still WIP).
-Added vehicle chase logic (still WIP)
-Reduced incoming damage from terminator.
-AI can be shot to death now, bring something automatic. Takes a lot of shooting.
-AI now has a small chance to be permanently destroyed
-Removed AIs ability to talk.
-Rewrote all AI logic to support removal of blood effects (can't use script wait commands script needs to loop constantly to make it work. Replaced most wait functions with trigger variables)
-Tweaked and added new hint messages.
-AI has a map marker, this was a mistake and will be removed in v2

Tweaked AI spawn times
tweaked AI logic structures
Added better AI support for edge cases
Tweaked hint messages.
Terminator no longer drops the minigun on death

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