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Are you sick of seeing lines of the same cars over and over at every stoplight? Do you want to see more variety in your GTA V traffic?

This mod looks for off-screen duplicate cars in the nearby traffic, and if it finds any, it transforms the duplicates into random vehicles from either of two vehicle lists in the trafficspawner.ini file. The purpose of this mod is primarily to negate the effects of the infamous "taxi glitch" (as it was known in GTA IV), where - after you have modded the game's vehicle models a fair bit - only a select few vehicles will naturally spawn in traffic. In GTA IV, these vehicles were 90% taxis and 10% cop cars (all Crown Victoria and Impala models). In GTA V, the vehicles are a little more varied than that (and taxis themselves are not actually a problem), but with too many modded vehicles you may find only the same car you are driving plus two or three others spawning on the roads, and nothing else. With version 0.2, the mod is now capable of spawning new traffic on normally empty roads, with a new option in the INI file.

Only nearby and off-screen cars/motorcycles/quadbikes of which there are two or more of (and which have not been damaged) are transformed. What vehicle they transform into is entirely random . Cars that are transformed into police vehicles will get cops as their drivers. Sometimes, distant parked cars can be transformed (and in such cases they will gain a driver); but most of the time, the vehicle must be moving. Cars are marked with the license plate "K41482D2" if they have been transformed, just to make sure they aren't transformed more than once. Cars that are transformed into planes maintain their direction and have their velocity multiplied by 50, and the altitude that they appear at can be changed in the INI file.

Put the TrafficSpawner.ASI and TrafficSpawner.INI files in your GTAV folder, then load up the game with ScriptHookV installed, and then toggle the mod in-game by pressing the hotkey NUMPAD-3 (default) asdefined in the INI file. [0x63] means numpad-3. For a list of key-codes, see this website: .

v0.2 Changelog:
-Cleaned up peds spawning outside of their vehicles
-Added actual ability to spawn new vehicles (on any road), rather than only replace duplicates
-Added option to randomly spawn police vehicles packed full of cops
-Added new performance-tweaking options, such as "wait time between spawns" (in milliseconds)
-Fixed parachutes
-Added some stability fixes

Options in TrafficSpawner.ini:
[0] means off, [1] means on...
*Hotkey = [0x63] //for the list of possible key-codes, look here:
*Automatic ped spawner = [1] //this option forces peds to routinely spawn in the distance, in "scenarios" (like eating at an outdoor cafe), and next to other off-screen peds
*Peds spawn in cars = [1] //this option forces new peds to spawn randomly in any of the available seats in nearby vehicles.
*Peds use parachutes = [1] //basically ported over from my melee riot mod, I felt this feature fits better with this mod. Peds who fall from a great height will pull a parachute and glide to safety. Great fun with a gravity gun mod (such as my own).
*Minimum distance at which cars can transform = [5] //this option determines how far away a duplicate vehicle must be to transform into one from the list
*Minimum safe airplane height = [55] //this option determines the minimum height at which airplane vehicles in the list will spawn at. Set to 0 if you want to see them (try) and take off in the middle of the road.
*Aircraft missiles = [0] // set this to 1 if you want spawned Lazers, Hydras, Buzzards, Savages and the like to shoot missiles at passing traffic as they fly past.
*Odds of spawning = 1/[15] //This determines the likelihood of a particular duplicate car to transform. Setting the odds too low can cause the mod to crash (not the game, just the mod - alt+tab the game and close the error message and you can continue playing w/o the mod).

*Vehicle task rate = every [33] tics //CAREFUL with this - the lower this number is, the more frequently all vehicle-related activities are done by the mod (such as transforming vehicles)
*Ped task rate = every [50] tics //same as above, but with the peds and the ped-spawning options.
*Debug Messages = [0] //turn this on if you want to see what the mod is doing and if it is even successful

*Use small vehicles list: (50 vehicles max, 5 per line) = [0]: //a small list of 50 vehicles, currently filled up with fighter jets and attack choppers for testing. Here is a more normal list:
sandking2, schafter2, scorcher, scrap, lectro,
kuruma, kuruma2, trash2, slamvan2, marshall,
sentinel, cheetah, coach, cogcabrio, comet2,
coquette, cruiser, daemon, oracle2, packer,
patriot, pbus, pcj, penumbra, peyote,
phantom, phoenix, bmx, bobcatxl, bodhi2,
boxville2, btype, turismor, alpha, massacro,
zentorno, huntley, thrust, rhapsody, warrener,
stockade3, stretch, sultan, brawler, superd,
granger, gresley, entityxf, hotknife, infernus;

*Use full vehicles list: (275 vehicles max, 5 per line) = [1]: //the big, main list with 275 cars of all kinds.
INI check = [1234] //This is just here to inform you if there is a problem with your INI file - DO NOT MODIFY THE [1234] VALUE

Thanks for downloading, and I hope it helps! And please check out my Melee Riot mod if you have the time!
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