Whistle For Your Vehicle (FINAL) 4.0



Developed By JeffParkerModHD!
To install just move files over to scripts folder!
Files to move:
Whistle For Your Car.dll
Whistle For Your Car.pdb

1.0 - Release (BTW i forgot to change the UI notification version displayed to 1.0 sorry.)
2.0 - I Just made it feel more smoother to the user. (BTW i forgot to change the in UI notification version displayed to 2.0 sorry.)
3.0 - I added a 300f radius so if the player is close enough (BTW i fixed the in code version to 3.0 in this version lol.)
it will arrive and if player is over 300f the vehicle will not i made
this the last release due to it being mostly done in my head i had a goal
and i fulfilled it you can use verision 2.0 for a smooth experience 1.0 for a choppy experience or 3.0 for a smooth experience with a radius as an add-on.
I also did not make a video on this due to it just literally being an add-on to the previous version (2.0). I did not make it where it drives to you due to me liking what i did more.
4.0 - Just some code cleanup so it does not take up more space than whats needed. And Made it where the notification will load when vehicle is called and will go away now.

Why did i make this mod you may be asking?
I modernized a RDR feature where if you whistle for your horse it comes to you yes i do know it just will teleport the car to you but i think of this as a very neat mod even though it is simple.

I enjoyed this project i hope you did too! :)
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