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    hace 8 horas
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    You done some progress there! Making an oprtion in the ini to autostart the script was good. I think that you should update all your previous scripts to have this feature. Also please update your scripts to have an ini in which we can change the amount of money that you get when you complete the missions. Hope to see more scripts and even more complicated from you in the future.

    hace 13 horas
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @RealFeelDeal Thank you! Have a nice gameplay!

    hace 3 días
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @NoizeUnit Thank you very much! I like the mixing of the games too and I have an idea for a future project. As for the Pig Pen in GTA V, I was also thinking of that too but I haven't found a suitable building. Also it is sometimes quite hard to find the corresponsive textures of the builning that you want. But yes, this is something that I would like to do. I don't have a discord. Best way is to use the GTA 5 mods PM messages from Forums section. Search me in the users and sent me a pm.

    hace 5 días
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @avivr Nice one! I had the same problem like Redragoon. Again I had to reload the scripts in order the mission to proceed. Also when I drove to the location where the goons have flee (interesting "twist" by the way), my two bodyguards have disappeared and there where no longer in the car with me. I don't know if it conflicts with another mod, although that would be strange. Keep it up!

    hace 9 días
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    Aphrodite of Milos from Louvre to Los Santos! Nice work!

    11 de septiembre de 2022
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @avivr Very good and challenging! As you have suggested, an ini with a changable starting key would be nice. Also I had everything as soon as I've pressed the starting key (minimap icon, the guys standing at the point, the yellow marker) but I had to reload the mods in order to get the message to press E and start the mission. Otherwise no message appeared when I was stepping into the marker. Any idea what is the problem or anyone who had the same thing? Keep it up mate!

    10 de septiembre de 2022
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    Excellent! Thanks for the update. Nice thinking to make the hat/headset part of the ped instead of the pedprops.

    8 de septiembre de 2022
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @RisingJake Thanks for the rating! Enjoy! (Great Skynyrd album by the way...) @JohnFromGWN Yes. And I don't think they do or should those who don't like this kind of outlaw violence of gta (enhanced by various fine script and other mods). About the various stereotypes, including the patriotic ones, the populism politics, the overconsumption, etc I think that the series is sarcastic and exaggerating in order to show how ridiculous they are. It's not higher art of course, but it makes some points. And some of my mods try to follow this path.

    7 de septiembre de 2022
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    Nice idea. Welcome to modding!

    31 de agosto de 2022