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    @HKH191 Mate I am coming back with a request that I had made in a past time. When you order a car and the mechanic drives it to you it hasn't the components with which it had been stored (like a spare tyre) but irrelevant ones like skirts, masks etc (only one extra component though which is good). With vanilla cars this is not a big deal but if there are replacements with custom ones, the components are most of the times out of place. Is there a way that the cars could be driven to the player with the components with which they were stored or at least with no extra component at all? Thanks!

    hace 1 hora
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @sjaak327 Thanks for the reply. I'll check it out.

    hace 20 horas
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @sjaak327 Thanks for the update mate! Just a question (that I don't know if it has been answered before). Is there any way to enable/disable the extras of the custom made vehicles -that is the ones that the modders have done- (used as add or replace)? The components menu in vehicles mod menu doesn't seem to work for me (if that is the correct menu to use). Thanks!

    hace 23 horas
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    @HKH191 Nice mod! I am using it quite some time. In the last version though the dealers weren't loaded in their locations. There was nothing there (I will retest this though). Also please consider to change the mod in order all the trades (vehicles and guns) could be made via phone. You could add a system like in the LS life and other mods where when you buy something via phone, a blip appears at a quite close distant in the map as a delivery point. There the dealer could be availiable to handle you the gun or the vehicle that you have bought. That way it would be more easy to use the mod regardless the location of the player and also there wouldn't be 2 permanent blips on the map allowing space for other mission or scripts blips to appear. Thank you & keep up the good job!

    hace 2 días
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @bbrandumbb Yes, I know. Thats why the mission blips disappear first and then various blips when you are using quite a few script mods with many blips. Even mods like "No More Missing Blips" can't make all the blips appear. It would be nice if the writers of scipt mods could add the enable/disable option for the stationary blips of their mods.

    hace 3 días
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    @ImNotMentaL I am using this mod with your mod Los Santos Bus Service (as client). This is a fine mod! Just one request: Could you add the option in the ini to be able to enable/disable the bus depot blip? Thanks.

    hace 5 días
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    Very nice replacment for blista3!

    20 de julio de 2021
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @danistheman262 The new addition is very nice and adds realism! It would be nice if you could make the new icons (hacking, bribing, drill etc) toggleable on the map with a key (adjustable in the ini). That way the player could make them appear only when he/she needs them, thus there would be more “room” for other script’s and game mission icons (which often disappear). Thanks & Keep up the good job!

    19 de julio de 2021
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    For some reason the sound of the scaner has stopped. (I have recently installed win 10 if this has something to do with it). Is there anyone who had the same issue and can help? Thanks people.

    18 de julio de 2021
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @3ric2hew Thanks for the info!

    4 de julio de 2021