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    Ok, fixed it somehow an update overrote my files;)

    24 de septiembre de 2020
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    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading API from .\ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading API from .\ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading scripts from D:\GTA5_Istallation\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts ...
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading assembly ClearScript.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [INFO] Found 0 script(s) in ClearScript.dll.
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading assembly GraffitiArtist.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in GraffitiArtist.dll resolved to API 3.0.4.
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading assembly GravityMenu.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [WARNING] Resolving API version 0.0.0.
    [12:30:53] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in GravityMenu.dll resolved to API 2.10.13.
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading assembly MapEditor.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [INFO] Found 2 script(s) in MapEditor.dll resolved to API 2.10.13.
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading assembly NativeUI.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in NativeUI.dll resolved to API 2.10.13.
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Loading assembly ScriptCommunicator.dll ...
    [12:30:53] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in ScriptCommunicator.dll resolved to API 2.10.13.
    [12:30:53] [DEBUG] Instantiating script GraffitiArtist.GraffitiArtistScript ...
    [12:30:54] [INFO] Started script GraffitiArtist.GraffitiArtistScript.
    [12:30:54] [DEBUG] Instantiating script GravityMenu.Class1 ...
    [12:30:55] [INFO] Started script GravityMenu.Class1.
    [12:30:55] [DEBUG] Instantiating script MapEditor.JavascriptHook ...
    [12:30:55] [INFO] Started script MapEditor.JavascriptHook.
    [12:30:55] [DEBUG] Instantiating script MapEditor.MapEditor ...
    [12:30:55] [INFO] Started script MapEditor.MapEditor.
    [12:30:55] [DEBUG] Instantiating script NativeUI.BigMessageThread ...
    [12:30:55] [INFO] Started script NativeUI.BigMessageThread.
    [12:30:55] [DEBUG] Instantiating script ScriptCommunicator.ScriptCommunicator ...
    [12:30:55] [INFO] Started script ScriptCommunicator.ScriptCommunicator.

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    18 de septiembre de 2020
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    With the newest version of the game, I´m just seeing the decal names on my car but not the actual pics. When I run scripthook 2.10.10 the mod doesn`t even start, anyone any ideas how to fix this?

    18 de septiembre de 2020
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    its probably a very stupid question, but i dont have the directory where the mod is supposed to go, where do I get it or what am I doing wrong And/or missing? Thanks for the help in advance.

    26 de agosto de 2020
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    Hey when I switch off the mod in the dlclist simply via adding xxx behin the item the maps dont get loaded anymore which is great but the blinking of my vehicle stays. IS there anyway to fix this.

    29 de julio de 2020
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    @guielisofi did you figer out why the export as .xml is not working?

    15 de julio de 2020
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    Hey I´m relativly new to this, when i load the mod i can see the concrete walls at the dried ocean, but in the trailer I see also stuff that looks like it is in town(Atari sign, headquater building). Am i just not finding where it is when I fly around the map or is this taken from some other mod/map, any hint on this would be greatly appriciated.

    15 de julio de 2020
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    Why is the water.xml more or less empty?
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
    #Script Mods Water Mod
    is tzhis how its supposed to be?

    15 de julio de 2020
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    Hey I´m new to this and somehow I cant make this mod work. In my opinion I did everything in the description apart from Point one where it says /Create a folder named serv_electricscooter within the mass dlcpacks/ cause I dont know where to find the mass dlc packs folder. Instead I created the serv_electricscooter folder in D:\GTA5_Istallation\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks so there might be my Problem I´m guessing, any help is very much appreciated.

    3 de julio de 2020