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  • Gtao08

    @Guadmaz hey thanks for the mod it’s really good but since I installed this mod every time I hit the up button on the d-pad to go up in the menyoo mod menu it brings up the phone and all other d-pad buttons work the same meaning down in mod menu will go down on the phone like it is controlling both at once. And I’m pretty sure it’s the mod because I uninstalled it and then tested the mod menu colliding with phone controls problem and it was fine, I then reinstalled the mod but it done it again. I don’t know if this is even fixable because it sounds like one of those little things that are really hard to fix (and I have gone through all game settings including those on the phone and mod menu) but otherwise awesome mod and keep up the good work ;)

    22 de septiembre de 2017
  • Gtao08

    Can you please make a german shepard replacement for chop that has a mostly black coat with bits of brown around the head, legs and neck like this one please and thanks.

    17 de septiembre de 2017
  • Gtao08

    @baba0rum hi im new to modding and dont really understand the install instructions.
    could you please help.

    6 de julio de 2017