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    theres a fatal error into the line you've put in ReadMe: at the end of the line, it should be </Item> ,not </item> , with capital i

    14 de agosto de 2018
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    but however theres a problem: custom hood and trunk are not opening. I tried it with multiple trainers, no matter what I do, they will never open when I try to open them with trainers. Over all, still the best car mod ever made.
    P.S.: Rmod, if you see this comment and have a solution, tell me

    28 de julio de 2018
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    I simply am in love with this addon. Great work there man, I really like it, and the engine sound from that bike put on the car matches 90% the one from the real life mustang GT. The best car mod I've ever put on my game.

    27 de julio de 2018