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  • Gtao56

    Only one question. Are other players able to see/use vehicles mods that are only installed on 1 clients end? Say I have a vehicle mod installed and a friend doesn’t. Will they be able to access said vehicle?

    19 de agosto de 2022
  • Gtao56

    Looks quite promising so far, love the idea of a straightforward, simple, high quality texture overhaul that just works. Will definitely be keeping track of this.

    19 de julio de 2022
  • Gtao56

    Amazing mod. Love the concept, but it definitely needs an update. The ini file seems to be completely ignored by the dll’s. The mod operates as if every option is as comes default.

    22 de mayo de 2022
  • Gtao56

    Program works great, but for some reason the DLCPacks created by it are not being read by the game properly (Content doesn't load), DLCList paths are inserted and correct so that's not the issue. I've compared other Mods DLC's and they dont seem any different, not sure why this happens, if anyone else experienced this could help out it would be highly appreciated.

    13 de mayo de 2022
  • Gtao56

    Your telling me ive been trying to replicate this thing after seeing Elanip use it and its been here the whole time?

    5 de abril de 2022