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  • F49ebe profile small

    Hello @houaryou this mod is very good indeed. Ill give it 5 stars.
    Is it possible to replace the shower effect with a fountain effect instead? The shower effect looks like the character is being hosed by a fire truck :)

    31 de octubre de 2023
  • F49ebe profile small

    @TruckerKingDee i think if you see something on the property that has still objects on it that should not be there like the fence that you described, it has something to do with Step 4 of the installation.

    4. Drag and drop all files from "ReplaceFiles" folder in the following path "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpapartment\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\_hills\cityhills_02\cityhills_02_metadata"

    These are modified files and probably has the fence removed.

    16 de mayo de 2023
  • F49ebe profile small

    This house has such unique design. So nature friendly yet a state of the art smart home. Perfect for electric car owners :)

    15 de mayo de 2023
  • F49ebe profile small

    The only Workaround is to revert back to the version before the contract update.
    Now it works.

    29 de diciembre de 2021
  • F49ebe profile small

    Im confused with that part of the description: "This plugin will allow you to import, edit, and export YDR.XML, YDD.XML, and YBN.XML files exported by Codewalker."

    Codewalker cannot export .ybn to xml. The control is grayed out.
    Blender on the other hand could open a ybn.xml file. Where exactly can i create ybn.xml?
    If its not codewalker, what other program does it?

    28 de diciembre de 2021
  • F49ebe profile small

    @sjaak327 i agree & confirm. Designer Apartment remake works fine. So now i can only think that there is a problem with addon houses that are located near the oceans. IF someone has 3dsMax and GIMS Evo the collision files can be edited.

    26 de diciembre de 2021
  • F49ebe profile small

    This problem of falling through the floor and walls happens to all mods. I checked the comments of the Stark Mansion.
    It has to do something with how GTA is reading the .ybn static collision files. Perhaps it would be a good idea to analyse how GTA is now loading the collision file after the new update.
    One thing i noticed was the .ybn of the exterior is located very far away when i looked in OpenIV. i dont know if the new update has messed up the position of the collision files.

    23 de diciembre de 2021
  • F49ebe profile small

    @Reyser thank you for the update. Yes i have made the changes. Please check if its ok thanks.

    1 de noviembre de 2019
  • F49ebe profile small

    @jonstyle i only used the current MapEditor. Only the .asi and .ini files are newer. there are many different versions of ObjectList, i use all of them for different objects to spawn. But important is the ASI file that i included. this is the one that gets the job done somehow. other versions do not show all objects.

    27 de noviembre de 2017
  • F49ebe profile small

    @mosimo Hi sory for the late reply, the doors wont open. even Multiplayer dont have animations. they use another clip.

    27 de noviembre de 2017