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    @Dakota44 Hi! Are you sure the issue was caused by the launcher? Apart from moving mods around, it shouldn't affect your game in any way.

    It's possible that an unidentified vanilla file was mistakenly treated as a modded file - when you launched the game for the first time, did the launcher say your game was modded? And if so, was it supposed to be modded?

    9 de julio de 2024
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    @The Loot That's an interesting idea! I'll keep it in mind for a future update, thanks :)

    28 de abril de 2024
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    @Michael21107 Provided its behaviour isn't impacted by the outdated versions manifest (ie: the fact that "GetGameVersion()" returns an invalid value), it should work fine yeah

    27 de abril de 2024
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    @Michael21107 Hey! The implementation is generic enough to not require any update. Only the versions manifest (ie: the list of all known game versions) may have to be updated to be kept up to date with the latest ScriptHookV version - but that's only for scripts that use it

    23 de abril de 2024
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    @FlameTheRager Hi! I'm not familiar with the mods you mentioned - do they alter vanilla RPF files, or other files? If you're talking about RPF files, you can modify them without overriding the vanilla version by using OpenIV.asi & the "mods" folder

    14 de febrero de 2024
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    @FlameTheRager Hi! Unfortunately there's multple versions of .NET so it can be confusing...
    Did you install .NET Desktop Runtime 5 x64 ? You can download it here:

    11 de febrero de 2024
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    @GlennCroft Glad you find it useful! And sorry for the initial misunderstanding ^^'
    I'll try to work on a way to make it crystal clear that deleting a profile will delete the mods within it in a future update

    6 de febrero de 2024
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    @Thorrmak Hi! Thanks for the info, I must've changed my compilation options at some point.
    I updated the description to refer to the x64 version instead. I'm also now using an link to always refer to the latest version of .NET 5 released by Microsoft

    5 de enero de 2024
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    @Van981 Hi! First, I recommend you put the launcher in the same drive as GTA V if it's not already. If the launcher and GTA V are on separate drives, the files aren't moved as efficiently (they're basically copied to the other drive and deleted on the original drive, which is considerably slower).

    If the launcher and GTA V are on the same drive, moving a file is almost instantaneous. No data has to be transferred, only the file path has to be modified. In this situation, the time it takes to move the files does not depend on the total size of the data but only on the amount of files that have to be moved. So, unless you have thousands of files to move or have a particularly slow drive, it should take at most a few seconds.

    To answer your original question: Since you're talking about a data transfer of 20 MB/s, I assume your launcher & GTA V are not on the same drive. 20 MB/s seems pretty slow even for cross drive data transfer, but since the launcher spends most of its time waiting for the drive to work I can only think of two reasons that could explain this underwhelming speed:
    - Your drive simply cannot write data faster
    - You're moving a lot of small files, which means the drive is spending a lot more time creating new files instead of copying data - in that case, upgrading your drive probably wouldn't change much

    But regardless of the root cause, making sure the launcher is on the same drive as GTA V should drastically improve your wait time.

    Hope that helps!

    16 de noviembre de 2023
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    @BeanoGrigio Hi! Sorry to hear you're having troubles with the launcher. Please note the launcher doesn't delete any files without explicitely asking you. If your mods are not in your game's directory, they are likely in your profile's external folder which is located in the "Profiles" directory, right next to the launcher's executable

    17 de octubre de 2023