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  • Bf542a 5

    @Animale I don't know. I haven't been able to work on the mod in months, due to unexpected and life changing events. I hope to find some time in upcoming weeks to look at it again.

    13 de abril de 2023
  • Bf542a 5

    @dceve I can't say I'm happy about it. After all, I put in over a thousand hours of work.Just so you know this project is very dear to me.
    Then again, I appreciate you asking permission, and I won't stop you if it isn't just a blatant copy. Just make sure you properly credit me, preferably up front. Okay?

    4 de octubre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @ravensergio You're welcome, and thank you for the five-star review :)

    22 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @ravensergio Thanks for your comment. I understand your point. If you change the top speeds, you'll probably want to lower the acceleration as well.

    21 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @LongTimeNoSee That mod seems to be an .asi file, so I don't think it'll interfere with my mod. I can't say what values I'd recommend, as I don't use any other handling affecting mods. I make the mod, so I can't have other mods interfere :P. I recommend you try for yourself! Experimentation can be great fun.

    17 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @Animale Thank you, I appreciate the comment. I understand the bikes might not be to everyone's liking. Bear in mind they are way trickier to mod than cars. To achieve certain things, I had to make sacrifices here and there. I'll probably revisit them at some point, but right now I'm still suffering from PTSD from modding them :P

    16 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @candy648 Maybe more than you think it is, because everything that will compress the suspension (kerbs, stairs, pot holes, bumps in the road, even trash) gives the driven vehicle a boost. The roads in GTA are rarely exactly flat (except at the airport or some industrial areas), so it matters more than you might think.
    Anyway, I think I've tried everything I can to remedy it, but no luck. I'm afraid it'll just be one of the many things we just have to deal with.

    15 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @candy648 Pretty much. It worked, but for some odd reason the car's suspension begins to rise at higher speeds. This starts to affect grip and the car's centre of gravity.

    So that's why I find it such a difficult decision. I'd love to keep kerb boosting disabled, because that brings its own problems, but this issue is pretty damn bad. I'll try some further experimentation, but if I can't find a way to fix this, I'm afraid I'll be forced to remove the fix.

    10 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    Hi @candy648, I've had a bit of time for further testing. The issue is due to a fix to kerb boosting. I had hoped to find a solution that works, while keeping the fix, but it seems like nothing works so far. So now I'll have to decide whether to try fixing the suspension or remove the fix altogether.

    I don't have much free time at the moment, but I'll try to get an update out as fast as possible.

    10 de septiembre de 2022
  • Bf542a 5

    @candy648 I've identified the problem. Not sure how to deal with it yet. I'm busy lately, but I'll get around to it eventually.

    2 de septiembre de 2022