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    Just so I understand better, (and don't get me wrong, this mod is beautiful), is this the same 2020 model Nacho created, but with your own police assets and liveries, or is this a different model that happens to look similar? The credits and similarities have me a little confused and I just want to make sure I'm not mixing things up. For the record, I think this is amazing either way, and I was actually already searching for a LSPD version of this to use. :)

    hace 3 días
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    Love this!
    Can someone please release an update, though? The City of Paleto Bay liveries never seem to match the other city ones in every pack everyone releases. The text is always in the wrong place for the city name. It's on the bottom, whereas all of the other contract cities are on top, and it is the only city that has this aligned differently despite the Sheriff-based livery design being correct for everything else. It's my only issue with any of these liveries. They are amazing, and this pack is the best thing ever. :)

    22 de mayo de 2023
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    @fjrkofjirn It uses a non-lore pushbar brand from real life, and the wheels and hubcaps are for the 2005+ Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, but just without the Ford logo.

    13 de mayo de 2023
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    You should change the text on the pushbar and its side stickers to a lore brand, and re-release another copy as a full-lore version since the hubcaps already have "Ford" removed from them. This looks really good! If it were full lore, I'd already be using it. You did an awesome job on this vehicle. This is how the Stanier should have looked from the start. Rockstar Games should start taking notes. :D

    12 de mayo de 2023
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    I've tried endlessly to get this mod to work and it just won't load into the game, (no errors displayed at all). Anyone have any suggestions?

    18 de marzo de 2023
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    @deymare96 You are correct. The FBI one was higher pitched. This is the police siren.

    18 de febrero de 2023
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    Glorified? This is actually a thing IRL. California has a law that allows law enforcement agencies to have security under them to protect government buildings. And yes, they do look and act like this.

    Anyway, awesome mod! Love it!

    24 de enero de 2023
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    Adtrix101, I think this is caused by a GTA patch update, as the recent one just caused this to arise for me too. The author may need to adjust the mod.

    2 de enero de 2023
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    Just wanted to give a heads up, while testing this pack in a localhosted RAGE MP server, I've noticed that g6buffalo3, g6buffalo5, and g6buffalo6 all have issues where those specific vehicles cause the game to silently crash. It seems to be reproduceable on two of my systems, and I'm not sure the reason because of a lack of error messages. They do all spawn, but entering them leads to the game crash, and any players joining after they are spawned leads to an instant crash too. The other buffalo models seem to be fine.

    Otherwise, love this pack immensely! It's freaking epic!

    12 de octubre de 2022