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  • Gtao61

    @DarthPungz Do you know how to get the breathing tube that goes to the helmet for Franklin/Michael/Trevor as seen in your image above?

    2 de octubre de 2021
  • Gtao61

    @created1der Unfortunately not. I had to give up eventually and havent tried messing with it since then

    20 de septiembre de 2021
  • Gtao61

    @Darth Elgor hmm I havent had any issues, I will reinstall those files on my end and see what I get. In the mean time if you have menyoo, I know you can at least manually select and delete the AC units in spooner mode, but unfortunately not the antenna. Will see what I can do. I know sometimes the antenna still appears from a distance but should go away as you approach the building.

    16 de septiembre de 2021
  • Gtao61

    @ImNotMentaL I've triple checked that everything is installed correctly, and I can get the bed to lower just fine and the green marker shows up but when I pull a vehicle up to the marker I don't get any prompt to hook the vehicle. Any ideas what I could be missing here?

    27 de enero de 2021
  • Gtao61

    I set the manual controls to “False” in the config, but the bed still raises and lowers when moving the Left joystick forward and backward (Xbox controller) which causes issues while driving. Is there any way to change that? Thanks for the great work!!

    31 de marzo de 2020