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    Where is the black noose model?

    12 de febrero de 2018
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    I used the same config that was suggested by the author and it fixed the crash at the loading screen, but now the game is stuck at the loading screen. I'm frustrated; there are no solutions after I have searched the web and only a few people are talking about it with little care from everyone else. I'm sure this mod would be amazing if it actually worked.

    12 de julio de 2017
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    For anyone who uses Police Smart Radio and has Arrest Manager installed, is wondering how to change the coroner's over to use these custom vehicles instead; Look for ArrestManager.ini in Plugins/LSPDFR then edit the line "CoronerVehicleModel=SPEEDO" To "CoronerVehicleModel=CORSPEEDO".

    11 de julio de 2017