Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced 4.0.3



IMPORTANT: The nightly build of SHVDN is now required to allow the script to work properly on the latest game version.

It is critical that you install this mod over a clean game install folder for optimal stability, especially if you're updating from a previous version of the mod since files may have been removed or moved around.

Current game version: 1.69

First, ensure that you have a clean GTA install directory as emphasised at the top. Then, simply install the included OIV file via OpenIV. Afterwards, you’ll need to install SHV & SHVDN. And that’s it.

ScripthookV (REQUIRED)
fwBoxStreamerVariable and decals limit patch (RECOMMENDED)
Packfile Limit Adjuster (RECOMMENDED)


Updated files for latest game version - vehiclelayouts.meta, weaponanimations.meta, vehicles.meta, dlclist.xml & hud.gfx
Gameconfig changes - CGameScriptResource (5509->5526), DrawableStore (157665->158365), DwdStore (152600->152800), FragmentStore (293200->294600), InteriorProxy (9110->9115), MetaDataStore (6100->6150), ScaleformStore (812->822), HandlingData (5250->5300), ActionTable_Definitions (310->336), ActionTable_Results (478->503), MaxExtraPedModelInfos (5185->5200), MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos (5145->5165), FMMC_LAUNCHER (26000->27000), MULTIPLAYER_FREEMODE (82500->85000), MISSION (60500->62500), PEDGROUP (16->33)
Known Issue: Ground unit spawning in certain areas like Mt Chiliad and Humane Labs was broken by the game update, currently awaiting a fix on the scripting side

Addon taxis can now be hailed and used by the player
Edited npcname in vehicles.meta (update.rpf & rde dlc) & selection set in s_m_y_pilot_01.ymt to force police pilot to wear a helmet when spawning in an ambient police heli
Edited bh1_rd_strm_3.ymap to replace police5 with policescout
Various mp map edits - Applied edits to Vespucci police station so that cars spawn there now, corrected Rockford Hills & Mission Row police station ymaps to replace police5 with policescout
Modified vehiclemodelsets.meta & humane_plant.ymt
Replaced stanier with granger in PIA Detective fleet, modified popgroups.ymt & vehicles.meta
Made corrections to various vehicle classes & handling ids, thanks to Modsha for noticing
Made changes to altruist_camp.ymt & vehiclemodelsets.meta to replace the scenario IAA agent, LSPD heli & BCSO vehicles with more appropriate units
Updated Rhino2 to include F5544's more recent model & meta fixes, modified handling.meta, vehicles.meta (RDE DLC) & vehicleweapons_rhino2.meta to accommodate this
Modified Trevor Philips Industries mission so that Vagos peds are replaced with Azteca peds
Made changes to Bolingbroke Prison script edits to fix certain bugs (no airspace warning, no ped in parked SADCR car at the front gate) & replace LSPD heli with SAHP heli
Edited Prisoner Lift 1 mission script to replace SASPR ped with BCSO ped
Edited carcols.ymt to fix wrong normal maps on new Rockstar license plates
Fixed BCSO detectives still having green vests when using the SA 1992 optional addon
Added uninstaller

Added Centurions to vehicleclass.xml so they prompt a heavy response like other armoured vehicles
Set PIA Detectives to use unmarked Stanier & Buffalo instead of marked PIA cars, modified vehicles.meta & popgroups.ymt to accommodate this
Removed instances of forced license plates for certain vehicles via the ssr script
Made adjustments to ambulance cover offset
Fixed highway spawning so that SAHP spawns more reliably instead of local agencies
Fixed incorrect blip names for special units
Blip names removed for normal units
Gameconfig changes - InteriorInst (400->900), InteriorProxy (1150->9100)
Added LC & Cayo Perico plates to vehshare.ytd & carcols.ymt
Added LC compatibility to script xmls
Added LC compatibility to popgroups, cleaned up file so it's properly compressed into ymt format
Added "BF_CanBust" flag to swat combat behaviour
Added compatibility file for WildBrick142's Community HUD mod
Removed carvariations.ymt, since its changes are made redundant by the dlc carvariations.meta file
Tweaked ambulance & firetruck carvariations values
Renamed Highway Patrol Granger to Highway Patrol Angora
Set pilot ped as the ambient pilot for the SAHP Maverick
Moved pedbounds.xml edits to RDE dlc archive
Removed pedperception.meta
Adjusted AI of certain vehicles so they'll use secondary weapons instead of nothing when the player is on-foot
Modified Rhino is now a separate vehicle, allowing for handling.meta & ptfx edits to be removed from update.rpf & moved to the RDE dlc archive, increasing compatibility with mods which edit those files
Modified tank modelset in vehiclemodelsets.meta to have various unarmoured military vehicles spawn instead of rhinos/apcs when you enter Fort Zancudo, moved rhino/apc to army modelset so they'll still spawn in smaller numbers elsewhere
Slightly boosted chance of K9 units spawning in certain agency groups
Implemented MW armed buzzard into script xmls, modified AI so that buzzard pilots can now use rockets as well
Modified helicopter sniper loadouts so that local agencies now use Carbine/Tactical Rifles with red lasers, & federal agencies use Marksman Rifles with green lasers
Adjusted Marshal rappel loadout
USCG helicopter gunners will switch to Combat MGs when the player reaches 8 stars
Assigned blips to USCG MSRT units
Cleaned up pistol duplicates in weaponrde.meta, weaponanimations.meta, pedpersonality.ymt, loadouts.meta & responseloadouts.xml
Updated files for latest game version - dlclist.xml, popcycle.dat, frontend.xml, vehicles.meta (mpgunrunning, mpimportexport, update.rpf), gameconfig.xml, carcols.ymt, vehshare.ytd & hud.gfx
Gameconfig changes - DrawableStore (157200->157665), DwdStore (152300->152600), ExprDictStore (625->630), FragmentStore (291500->293200), InteriorProxy (9100->9110), MetaDataStore (6050->6100), ScaleformStore (800->812), ScriptStore (1050->1100), HandlingData (5200->5250), MaxExtraPedModelInfos (5160->5185), MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos (5110->5145), CAR_MOD_SHOP (3650->3750), FMMC_LAUNCHER (24000->26000), MULTIPLAYER_FREEMODE (80000->82500), MISSION (57500->60500), MP_LAUNCH_SCRIPT (36500->37500)
Renamed police5 & s_m_m_cop_01 to policescout & s_m_o_cop_01 respectively
Added Battle Rifle & Tactical SMG to MW loadout, pedpersonality.ymt & weaponanimations.meta
Added Military Rifle & Combat Shotgun to weaponanimations.meta to enable stealth animations when used by MW
Corrected NYSP lightbar textures
Added rde_optionaladdons.rpf to rde dlc archive, where the alternate uniform/vehicle ytds can be placed without having to overwrite default files
Removed modified civilian Surge model, since the interior textures are broken & have since been fixed by Rockstar
Updated Paramedic cap textures
Re-enabled boat siren sounds
Fixed roadblock ai for swat & army pedtypes; they will no longer spawn facing the wrong way, and will actively shoot at the player instead of going straight for their vehicles

10 Star Wanted Level
6 Stars wasn’t enough. Illustrated by a darkening red hue, the wanted level can now go up to 10, allowing for more gradual escalation as the law responds to your path of destruction. You will also have a more difficult time shaking the law compared to 3.1 due to improvements and fixes made to chase AI and spawning.

Overhauled Peds & Vehicles
Tons of new peds & vehicles have been added, and existing ones have had enormous facelifts to improve quality, diversity & polish.

Significant Performance & Stability Improvements Over 3.1
The wanted level script has received a major uplift. Performance issues have been fixed, allowing for the game to perform as though you’re running vanilla. LODs have been improved and expanded upon, and all of this combines to prevent recurring problems that plagued 3.1, such as crashes, pop-in and map streaming issues.

Enhanced Support For Story Missions & Cutscenes
Cutscenes have been modified to include RDE peds where necessary. In addition, scripting has allowed for RDE peds and vehicles to show up in various story and stranger missions.

Updated LSPDFR Support
New compatibility files are included to allow for RDE peds and vehicles to be properly utilised when playing LSPDFR.

Updated WOV Compatibility
A lite version of WOV 10.1 is integrated, adding a ton of extra detail to the game world alongside RDE’s assets. This includes the Gangs of Los Santos overhaul, which, combined with personality, loadout and relationship edits, makes South LS more dangerous than ever, both for the player and for the law. Thanks to Cass & LDNENG for permissions here.

PEV: Dispatch, Tactics, Ambience Remastered Features
Jayden585 was kind enough to provide optional files that allow RDE to make use of various PEV features, such as more intricate search AI and fine-tuned combat behaviour (You should still only install one mod or the other, not both).

Countless Extra Features
Laser sights support for heli snipers (Thanks to AlexGuirre), improved loadouts, extra police weapon animations, overhauled roadblocks, additional wanted level music, corrected ped and vehicle soundbanks, new license plate designs, K9 response, paratroopers, restored ground response in certain zones like Mt Chiliad, high-speed response, streamlined script xmls, bug fixes. There’s even more, but we’ll let you experience it for yourself.

Law Enforcement Agencies:
Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
Los Santos Sheriff Department (LSSD)
Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
Los Santos Port Authority Police (LSPP)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
San Andreas State Park Rangers (SASPR)
San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SADCR)
San Andreas National Guard (Military)
National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE)
Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB)
United States Coast Guard (USCG)
United States Marshal Service (USMS)
Merryweather (MW)

RDE is:
Lore Friendly - each of the changes introduced does not stand out from the GTA universe created by Rockstar Games. The concepts introduced by Rockstar have instead been expanded and revamped with loving care.
Realistic - many of the introduced changes bring GTA V closer to real life - examples include new AI behaviours and tactics, agency jurisdictions, response types and more. However, realistic does not mean real - it’s still the GTA universe, just better.
Detailed - every aspect of the mod has been fine-tuned, from higher quality models and textures to new police stations. Even the tiny details such as port police officers replacing private security in relevant places in the Port of South LS are included, and many more details have been added to already existing models.
Fun - RDE has been made to be a challenging but fun experience. The specialised, built-from-ground-up wanted level system allows for truly epic chases and shootouts - but watch out! Cops have some new tools in their equipment, and they know how to use them - to great effect. Ten Stars is now in effect - can you survive the law enforcement agencies of San Andreas throwing everything they have at you?

Revamped Arrest Warrant & Ambient Backup
Scripted divers
More female ped variants
More bug fixes

Q: I noticed a bug; how should I submit a report for it to be fixed?
A: Please provide a brief explanation of the bug and submit your logs. To do this open SixStarResponse.ini and make the following changes: “Debug=1” “NativeDebug=1” then save the ini. Reproduce the bug and open your SixStarResponse.log, gather the contents, use to post the log contents, and then submit the link to us with your description.

Q: Please help! I’m getting crash issues upon loading the game or selecting story mode.
A: There’s numerous things that could cause this. If a new game update is released it will require changes to the gameconfig, among various other potential file changes. If you have an excessive amount of extra vehicles or dlc archives in addition to RDE, that could cause issues with gameconfig as well. Our advice: Remove everything and start with a fresh mods folder (yes remove any other scripts as well) then install only RDE and slowly add the others back one by one; testing with each addition. We’ve also included Pool Manager, which, in particular circumstances, will tell you if a particular value in gameconfig is to blame for your crashing.

Q: I do not own a legal copy of the game, will this mod still work?
A: We only provide support for players with legal copies of the game.

Q: Can I develop my own configs for RDE and submit them on GTA5-mods/LSPDFR?
A: Not only are you allowed to do this but we encourage you to do so! However you are not permitted to share our files, models, scripts, etc. Only the config files are to be shared so be sure to have your users install RDE first before adding your mod/edits.

Q: Why is the game failing to load the multiplayer map?
A: This is most likely due to too many dlc archives being installed. RDE 4.0 by itself works fine with the mp map, so use some diligence when it comes to installing extra content on top of it that pushes the game past this limitation.

Q: Why are the cops not using their weapons correctly?
A: If you find yourself with cops just staring at you with bugged animations, that's because you've overwritten our weaponanimations.meta file located in update.rpf. To fix this, simply copy the contents here -
and paste them right at the top of the meta file, so it should end up looking like this -

Q: Why am I not seeing SAHP on the highway?
A: This seems to mainly occur on non-English copies of the game. A fix for this is in the works, and will be included in a future update.


Dilapidated, Jax765, NefariousBonne, Cpast, SuperStumpje, Jacobmaate, ArtehFailz, SnH Firefighter, The Loot

Sweeps, The Apple, Requies, Colonel Sanders, DoubleHelix, TheMonotoneScone, William Halverd, Spyke, Guppiemann5000, KGBHeadofCommunications

Yard1, MrJayden585, Yorpie, AlexGuirre, Mkeezay30, 11John11, AlexVonShep, Alex_Ashfold, Aquamenti, Bilago, BobJaneTMart, BroCop, DukSezQuak, Dying, EddIm, NailBiter, rms8723, SkylineGTRFreak, Skyprone, Cass, LDNENG, Albo1125, PieRGud, PNWParksFan, Keegan, GlitchGamer, Lozano71, Illusionary, drp4lyf, Thero, Unmutual, Netman, Custo, Olanov, RM76, OfficerLund, RekRam, Lt. Caine, LtMattJeter, DLer, Abraxas, Bad_Company, blackhack09, Fenton, Resource, AverageKittenLover22, Monkeypolice188, F5544, Lumoize, Tap!

We have exercised all due diligence in ascertaining correct credits for included content. If you feel that we have made an error or omission in credits, please contact Dilapidated or NefariousBonne on either or privately.

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