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  • 8f786d

    @mrwallace888 Yeah, sure. But I am busy as hell, hahaha. I will try, tho. @marchymagic Thanks for the link. I may try to add some things with this info. But will have to research for classes in runtime.

    9 de octubre de 2019
  • 8f786d

    @koksu1234567890 There is, lol. You can, if you still want.
    @irfaniglesias You can already do that.
    @mrwallace888 This mode just changes characters, not the style of license plate.
    @simon123132 I will try to find time, and fix this mod :)
    @bronyrapper if I find time, I will try to implement that.

    30 de agosto de 2019
  • 8f786d

    @ethannn_ Combinations - no, I haven't implemented that, yet.

    28 de junio de 2017
  • 8f786d

    @sjain Almost, the emergency vehicles feature doesn't work at this moment, but the update should be up tonight. @SerranitaMods At the moment, no. Maybe in feature. @ethannn_ Only excluding individual letters/numbers. @gearman7 Well it took almost half a year, my desktop PC went broke, so I had no chance of repairing my mod.

    27 de junio de 2017
  • 8f786d

    @gearman7 It would took less than a day. But I have been busy since last week, so I can't start my GTA V to start finding the issue. I should be able in Friday or tomorrow.

    21 de diciembre de 2016
  • 8f786d

    @gearman7 Thank you for response, though, for a moment I thought I would never get it. Oh only when RPH is running, huh ? Okay I will try to investigate into that. You can send all information by Facebook, Youtube, Steam as they are up here. I need GPU, CPU, RAM information.

    14 de diciembre de 2016
  • 8f786d

    @gearman7 Thank you. But I need more information. I need to know what kind of vehicle model you were trying to spawn, mods(script, vehicle etc.) you were using and computer specifications. Also I would ask you to turn on the debug mode and send logs directly to me.

    9 de diciembre de 2016
  • 8f786d

    @ImNotMentaL I still don't get it, where he does see the problem ? Because I was looking at your code and my mod shouldn't affect yours in no way.

    7 de agosto de 2016
  • 8f786d

    @ImNotMentaL My hooked function is executed on vehicle creation, so that's not gonna work, though. And I am not using natives at all and not planning to do that in near future.

    6 de agosto de 2016
  • 8f786d

    @Pixelclone Hello,
    Please give me more information about you problem: Vehicle model you were trying to spawn, mods(script, vehicle etc.) you were using, computer specifications. Also turn on debug and log mode and send me my logs.
    Okay, but I still can't understand your problem. License plate needs to stay the same when you take it from garage ? If so, sorry but that's not my competence, my mod only generates license plate for newly generated vehicles. You should ask @ImNotMentaL.

    5 de agosto de 2016