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  • Gtav28

    @GAVR228 Peculiar. The first place to look, would be ScriptHookVDOTnet.log, to see whether the script even runs.

    20 de enero de 2023
  • Gtav28

    @TayMcKenzie "I ain't reading all that."

    And now you can't any more, because I removed the convo. :) If you have concrete evidence of wrongdoing by MissySnowie, regarding THIS mod, feel free to file a report. Otherwise, this ends here.

    9 de enero de 2023
  • Gtav28

    @VerpiMoDz What ymap was this, if I may ask? Then I will try and replicate this.

    8 de enero de 2023
  • Gtav28

    @VerpiMoDz Ymaps that are meant to override game ones, need to go into port_override.rpf.

    Furthermore, ensure that the load order in your dlc is set to a higher number than that of the dlc the original ymaps reside. This order value is set in setup2.xml, like:

    <order value="82" />

    P.S. The MO_JIM_L11 (for overrides) is usually used in conjuctions with mpmaps on, btw.

    7 de enero de 2023
  • Gtav28

    @William Halverd The regular way to use a modified file, is to stick the pertinent archive into mods, and upload the changed file into it. What the override folder does, is keep it DLC-specific. For example, I have a personal DLC for the Eclipse Tower, and put ss1_11_slod_children.ydd into the override folder. This has 2 advantages: even if the lod dictionary exists in several other places, the game now knows the latest version of it is the one in overrides. And, what makes it DLC-specific, is that when I unload my own DLC, the rest of the game is no longer affected by this override.

    6 de enero de 2023
  • Gtav28
    Comentario adherido

    @BuffaloBill2 Glad you asked, should have made these more clear.

    ydr, ytd, yft, ycd those all go in 'port_assets'

    ytyp, ybn, ymap, ymt (= manifest) all go into 'port_meta'

    2 de enero de 2023
  • Gtav28

    @zombieguy This may very well be one of the very best mods, ever! 😊

    I have 64G of DRAM, and 12G of VRAM. I saw you set VRAM expansion rather timidly. Any reason I can't just add like 4G extra?

    29 de diciembre de 2022
  • Gtav28

    @RickyMiu Since this is your first mod, I went easy on you; but you misspelled 'mppatches' (you wrote 'mppaches'). and we prefer paths to have the mods\ prefix. I changed those for you.

    Also, the description is extremely minimal. Next time, be a bit more verbose. :)

    6 de diciembre de 2022
  • Gtav28

    @huyen Let's keep a civil tongue.

    1 de diciembre de 2022
  • Gtav28

    @Losthegamer01 "Why u reject my video"

    You've already been issued a warning for continuing to bypass video moderation, You are now on a 1-week ban.

    29 de noviembre de 2022