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    @lucasvinbr im not using any mod manager. About ballas gonna stay i think its fine. And about families, i think i aim from the original bad, this is my first time, it works fine... thank you so much..

    11 de septiembre de 2017
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    @lucasvinbr AH YEs! idk why, theres no shdotnet2 in my folder. As far as i remember, i already put it. My bad..btw, its working fine...but in the middle of the game its crash. And all my gang member gone, when im trying to aim to the Families (but they didnt appear as green dot on map), the AIM + H didnt work anymore, and they start to attack me.. what happen?

    and why theres still ballas on my turf (families), even if i already claim that turf..
    thx for the response sir..

    10 de septiembre de 2017
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    following my previous comment, i replace my native trainer,
    clean install all your content..
    still nothing happen when pressing B..
    please help

    10 de septiembre de 2017
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    i already using enhanced native trainer, when im following ur tutorial on how to install..
    theres nothing happen when i press B..whats wrong?

    10 de septiembre de 2017
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    yeap! this one works!

    6 de septiembre de 2017
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    @jpetrillo13 ah yes... i also looking for the glxi model..

    5 de septiembre de 2017