Improved Cheval Fugitive Pack [Add-On + Replace] 2.0


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"The aussies might have humiliated themselves in the big war, but they're hell-bent on striking back and they're starting with slowly taking over the holy institution of American law enforcement."

This pack adds various law enforcement versions and a civilian version of my improved Cheval Fugitive.


- new Fugitve base model with a lot of improvements
- updated assets
- new light setups
- new Slicktop Fugitive
- new NOoSE PIA Fugitive
- new Improved civilian Fugitive

This pack includes

- LSPD Fugitive - policefug
- LSPD Fugitive (unmarked) - policefug2
- LSPD Fugitive (slicktop) - policefug3
- NOoSE Fugitive - noosefug
- improved civilian Fugitive - fugitive


11john11 - improved Fugitive, wheels, liveries, light setups, antennas, liveries, bumper stickers, dashcam, trunk organizer, Kabel siren controller, fixed vanilla pushbar, spotlights, improved console
IlayArye - improved Fugitive
Lt.Caine - mapped Fugitive
Jacobmaate - lightbars, MDC antenna
Voit Turyv - LED modules, interior console
w/ - interior lightbar, loudspeaker model
Nachtfliege/Nacho - mirror LEDs, interior divider, trunk equipment
Vx5 Voltage - console and MDCs
Bob322 - grille
Skitty - Wiwang siren controller model.
MyCrystals! - In-universe description
Eddlm - improved handling
AlexanderLB - Wiwang siren controller texture, various livery assets, font knowledge.
DiPierro - bumper stickers
PNWParksFan - the amazing LiveLights plugin, which helped with development a lot.

And a big shoutout to all beta testers who helped making sure this pack is bug free.

Terms of Use

- Do not put content of this pack on multiplayer servers without permission.

- Do not exploit content of this pack for commercial, financial or personal gain,

- Do not reupload this file to other websites.

- If you intent on using assets made by me:
feel free to use them for your projects as long as credits are given and other terms of use are respected.

- If you intent on using assets from this pack that weren't made by me:
Please ask the authors yourself to ensure they are alright with that.

Peds and other vehicles that can be used together with the NOoSE Fugitive are included here:
The Patriotism and Immigration Pack
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