Pegassi Infernus SE Classic - LSPD [Add-On | Sounds] 1.0.1

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It's said the mere sight of a police Infernus SE joining the pursuit would authorize a police chopper pilot to drop exploding barrels intended to stop the fugitive. While there is no evidence of that event happening - at least officially - this hot and crazy V12 hellspawn is able to heat up the chase atmosphere just as effectively on its own.
Five-Star Police Auctions


• Tweaked front bumper flashers and headlight flashers.

• Initial release.

Civilian version available here:
Pegassi Infernus SE Classic

This is facelifted Pegassi Infernus Classic modified for Los Santos Police Department usage.

Model name: infernus2sepol


All the model improvements shared with the civilian Infernus SE Classic:
• Body: new front bumper, new fixed headlights, new badges, including 3D badges on body, engine block and steering wheel, classic spoiler (extra).
• Wheels: new colourable rims, increased diameter of front and rear wheels, wide rear tyres.
• Lighting setup: lore-friendly lightbar based on Code 3 MX7000 used by LAPD in late 1990s/early 2000s, front bumper halogen flashers, headlight flashers.
• Equipment: police radio, siren controller, wobbling antenna.
• Livery: 4 LSPD skins.
• Sound: V12 engine from Infernus SE Classic with retro police sirens and police radio chatter.
• Various smaller model fixes.
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, colourable interior, all LODs etc.


Rockstar Games - original vehicle model.
Ubisoft Montreal - original rim model from Watch Dogs.
Voit Turyv - model edits, porting, LSPD variant, livery design, police equipment models: front bumper halogen flashers, antenna.
deadman23 - front bumper model, fixed headlights model.
MGgames100 - wheel model porting from Watch Dogs.
AlexanderLB - 2D badge texture sheet, Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture.
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
Boywond - 3D badge models.
11john11 - lore-friendly Code 3 MX7000 lightbar, beta testing, screenshots.
Vx5 Voltage - lore-friendly Code 3 MX7000 lightbar.

Ask me for permission first before you want to:
- modify the file,
- reupload the file somewhere else,
- use the file for your multiplayer server.
Do not use the mod for your commercial, financial or personal gain.
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