Power Wagon Handling For Dune Loader


Semi Realistic handling for the Dune Loader based on the legendary 1950's Dodge Power Wagon, the first civilian marketed 4X4 truck in America.

Powered by a gasoline flathead 230 c.i. inline six cylinder that made a fair 120 HP and equipped with a rugged four speed manual transmission and dual range transfer case allowing the operator to select between Hi and LO gearing ranges as well as 2 and 4 wheel drive.
The Power Wagon was never intended to be driven long distances or high speeds and as a result even the Hi gearing range is extremely low compared to most cars.
This means that despite its immense torque and pulling power the Power Wagon could barely exceed 55 mph and I tried to replicate this as well as I could but GtaV doesn't like extremely low gear ranges and I cant make 1st gear much lower without giving the truck too many gears.
I also gave the suspension a healthy amount of bounce and a fair amount of body roll. It's fairly likely that the truck will begin to tip over in high speed hard turns. Why would I make this possible you ask? Because its not a freaking sports car, that's why.

The truck is now 4 wheel drive, its incredibly slow but its off roading ability has been increased greatly and it is now capable of climbing almost any hill and can push stationary cars fairly well.

Manual transmission mod recommended so the game won't upshift early on steep hills.

Installation instructions are included in the readme.
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