Range Rover Sport SVR 2016 [Animated / Templated / Add-On] 3.2


Range Rover Sport SVR 2016

model from Forza Horizon3
first author enriok
all converting work to GTA V by Faysal
all Add-on works tests Ahmeda1999
all work to GTA V by Faysal
photos by Reyser / Abhi123 & Abdulrhman1 / PRZEMO

My Other Range Rovers :
Range Rover Startech Sport 2016
Range Rover Startech Vogue L405

support all basic functions
and features of the game

update 3.2

fixed textures
improved interior and exterior
more details
improved collisions and car parts
mush more fixes and improvements
add support of Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Gunrunning DLC needed)

update 3.1

Major improvements including
-some textures
-and other stuff in Add-on

Update 3.0 :

fix majore bugs
add template with some liveries included
fix Dials are better now

Update 2.2

improve all collisions
better damage effects by alexander
Add pantable salon LED now as paint:7
reworke the whole addon

Update 2.1
Fixed badges and signs
Fixed front bumper
Fixed simbols black instead of chrome
Fixed collisions
Other small improvements as real SVR

Update 2.0

Fixed car size rescaled -25%
Fixed textures and materials
Fixed wheel and rim
Improved materials and collision parts
Add Lods L0 L1 depend on file size (reach 15mb]
Add costum dirt mappping
Add New Dials
Add Sport badge in rear
Add animation Engine and exhaust
a lot more improvements

update 1.1
-New SVR rim got it from Jonathan Vera Sella
-New tire and it texture from [Denus]
-Fixed shining rims thanks to MrFive
-few improvements

update 1.0
-reworked addon fix crash problem
-blacked out grill texture
-less chrome shining wheel

Features :
HQ Interior/Exterior
3D engine
all working doors/trunk/bonnet
attaching Trailers function (trailersmall / boattrailer)
- Paint option:
1 body
2 salon
7 paint Salon LED interior light paint
- All correct characters possitions
- Hands on steering perfectly
- Real windows damage
- Real body damage
- Burn effect
- Real bullet holes all the car parts
- Mirrors can drop off by hard collisions (side flips)
- Perfect body collision

install Corona begone for beauty LED lights

Extras :
-Trailerhook in rear bumper
-middle trunk cover
-bags in trunk


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Installation : in read me file
spawn name : rsvr16

use :AddOnCarSpawner by I'm Not MentaL
install the script and put the included folder in your game script folder

took me two weeks of hard working on it
rating low not an option say what you want in comments for next update
Respect others work and don't reupload
it in gta sites without all credits

Contact me in :
My Page
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