Steering Sensitivity 1.3


Have reduced how much you can turn the wheel / handlebars so that the vehicles are not nearly as sensitive, it is much easier now to drive all vehicles in first or third person view.

The vehicles however has a slightly larger turning radius, but rather that than the vanilla super-sensitive steering.

This mod is mainly made for keyboard & mouse players, don't know how it works with game pads.

- Lowered all bicycles a little.

- Lowered all MC steering a little.
- Changed Blazer (ATV) to the same as MCs.
- Increased steering on cars a little.

Added DLC handling files.

First release.

How to Install
1. First make a backup of update.rpf located in Grand Theft Auto V\update
2. Extract the rar file.
3. Open OpenIV and open update.rpf
4. Go into edit mode
5. Go to common / data
6. Replace handling.meta

7. DLC Handling Files:


mpheist DLC is an exception to this as the
handling file is found in...


8. Close OpenIV

OpenIV download link
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