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"Racing was better back in the old days, indeed! There was no obsessing over cockpit halos and fireproof undergarments - you just let the pack out and celebrated when half the grid made it through the race ungutted! Self-preservation? How about getting to drive a beauty like the A-Type? Any step on the pedal is a potential death sentence, but it's all worth it - and hey, at least you won't have to pay the hospital bill when you're done."

This is one of the first cars I've ever done, and its design has been inspired by various pre-war era race cars, mainly the Amilcar CC, Amilcar CGSS and Bugatti Type 35.

Modifying this package and its contents (except the handling, .meta files and modkit), uploading it elsewhere as is or in a changed state and/or using it on FiveM servers without author's explicit permission is prohibited.

johndoe968: Creator of original model
Smukkeunger: Porting as well as slight model edits, additional mod-parts & LODs
jammo2k5, 13Stewartc & Jerkov: Help with understanding porting issues
Eddlm: Handling
Skysder: Carvariations.meta
Lambofreak: Sounds
MyCrystals!: Description
VanillaWorks Community: Feedback and suggestions to model edits

Livery credits:
Smukkeunger: Race 10, 2 color stripe, LS car festival, A-type Spéciale Noire, A-type Spéciale Blanche
bsquiklehausen: Barnfind
HeliosAxitro: Équipe Truffade #56, Pouvoir des Français #49, Racer #3, Numéro 21 Racer, Team Kabel #9, Atomic Team #35
Torqyboi: Truffade #37
sirstirfry: Pester #63

Picture credits:
R3tr0 Dr1v3r

Hoods open a bit weirdly due to GTA limitations.

Unpack the .zip file and drag the "type1" folder into your mods folder and add the line:
To dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder.

Spawnname: type1
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