Map Fixes 10.25


This mod fixes multiple map collisions, models, textures and placements issues.
A complete list of all the fixes can be found in "FixesList.txt" inside the archive.

Contents description
- "mpmappatches" contains fixes only for the MP map. Note: this dlc pack should be compatible all the way back to the "Cayo Perico Heist" update.
- "mpmappatches2" contains fixes only for the MP map, specifically for the latest version of the game. Note: currently build 2545.
- "spmappatches" contains fixes for both the SP and MP maps. Note: this dlc pack should be compatible with pretty much any version of the game.
- "Map Script Fix" unlocks a few gates (at the docks, at the factory from the mission "Mr. Richards" and at the Vespucci alley from the mission "Reposession") and loads some MP IPLs (the church grave, the Lost clubhouse, the Vagos hideout and casino doors).
- "Minimap Textures Fix" contains a fix for a 2D/far away minimap tile.
- "MP Map Collisions Fixes" contains collisions fixes for the MP map.
- "mpSecurity Fix" prevents the Franklin's house from having a "broken" couch and table, a chunk of Vinewood Hills from disappearing (when going from the MP to the SP map).
- "patchDay26NG Fix" disables an archive with a few of Rockstar's fixes (which are provided by the mod).
- "Scenario Points Fixes" contains fixes for a few scenario points.

Mods folder.
Script Hook V .NET.

Move the "mpmappatches", "mpmappatches2" and "spmappatches" folders in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" and add "<Item>dlcpacks:/mpMapPatches/</Item>", "<Item>dlcpacks:/mpMapPatches2/</Item>" and "<Item>dlcpacks:/spMapPatches/</Item>" to the "dlclist.xml".
As for the files in the "Manual Installation" folder, check the "Installation.txt" file inside each sub folder for the instructions.

Special Thanks
WildBrick142 for finding the issue with the Lake Vinewood collision, the Camper car generators not spawning and the cables under the map.
ArmaniAdnr for finding the issue with the La Mesa billboard LOD texture.
DentureDynamite and all the people that contributed to the List of ongoing bugs needing to be fixed topic on GTAForums.
DeGeneratorX for finding the leftover palm LODs near the Liquor Ace and the 2405 house window collision.
nkjellman for finding the issue with a security booth at the airport not casting shadows.
rollschuh2282 for reporting the issue with the LSC and the gas station sign not casting shadows, a missing pipe collision at La Mesa, a wrong Diamond casino race track hedge mesh and a wrong pipe UV map.
Jax765 for finding the issue with the barrier collisions at the Terminal, few flickering poles at Mirror Park, a flickering rail at the Humane Labs a pharmacy sign LOD at Morningwood and what caused the issue with the broken Rockford Hills subway textures.
Arrows to Athens for finding the missing collision at the LSIA parking lot.
whatever57010 for finding the wrong box labels, the water tower texture, for various finds from this Fan Fact video, the wrongly placed bunker sign, the badly placed paths at the "Pipeline Inn" and the wrong UV map of this billboard texture.
Pizzahut, Slick and MaxLuk for reporting various collisions issues at Stab City.
Smallo for finding the wrong construction site sign texture at Paleto Bay and a small collision box placed in the middle of the air near the Sandy Shores airfield.
Vucko100 for posting various issues in his "Small Mistakes" videos.
DPS for finding the issue with the chairs and the static shadows at the Mission row police station.
v1r for reporting a hole in a bridge model and various collisions issues at Grove Street, Davis, Rancho, the Richards Majestic Studio and La Puerta.
noobcrafting for reporting the issue with a misplaced flyer at Rancho.
Jonas P for reporting multiple collisions isuess at Downtown/Pillbox Hill, Vespucci Beach, at the Banner Hotel, Fort Zancudo and a misplaced prop at the Merryweather docks.
Carl Johnson for reporting the issue with the "bloody" window, other collisions and models issues across the map and a wrong collision material at the gas station of La Puerta.
GIAN_97 for reporting an issue with a glass texture at the Liquor Ace.
Hslo for reporting an issue with a collision of the chicken factory at Paleto Bay.
MrGTAmodsgerman for reporting the issue with clipping wooden fences at West Vinewood, a floating bush at La Puerta and a building's backface culling issue at the Mexican Market.
PERPGamer for reporting the issue with the Go Postal building barriers.
DarkViperAU for his Facts and Glitches videos.
TheRemainingDodo for reporting the issue with the "The Archipelago" hotel name being misspelled as "The Archipeligo".
milo for reporting the issue with the construction site collision at Vespucci Canals.
LeeC2202 for finding the flipped church textures.
a63nt-5m1th for finding and fixing a patch of grass/sand at La Puerta, removing a non existing bush LOD at the Mirror Park lake, fixing the CNT building road bump map and the Hotel Wisdahl HD model and LOD texture.
marco95 for finding a wrong beach hut LOD texture at Vespucci Beach.
Ivonmorr for finding and providing a list of issues/errors.
Alfa1561 for reporting a wrong texture for the "San Andreas State Gas Company".
DGally for finding a wrongly rotated bus stop.
Monkeypolice188 for fixing the Marlowe Vineyard area paths and reporting the oversight with the minimap tile.
Sparky66 for providing multiple road signs fixes and additions.
mortid for finding a few misplaced wall lights on the "The Lust Resort" building and the Vespucci tunnel shadow issue.
_CP_ for finding a drawable using a bump map texture for the specular map sampler.
Disquse for finding the misplaced steering wheels of the Mule inside the car meet interior and the Weazel Plaza Apartments mesh.
InControlAgain for finding the issues with portaloo LOD, the LS gas company building, the Playboy's mansion collisions and with the billboard texture.
-EcLiPsE- for reporting the issue with the leaves at the Gentry Manor, collisions at the airport at the Palmer-Taylor power station, wrongly placed particle effects on a building and two mispelled desert signs.
Jacob2002 for finding a floating bush near the Union Grain Supply Inc. silos and a wrongly positioned fence LOD at Rancho.
giano for finding the issue with the Downtown Vinewood floor collisions, the "Eclipse Lounge" canopy's drawable and a flickering mansion floor.
MGgames100 for reporting the issue with the glitched UFOs logo.
MaxLuk for finding two misplaced palms at Fort Zancudo, a wrong LOD mesh at Strawberry and two floating bushes near the casino.
Larcius for finding some misplaced trees and bushes at Grapeseed, near the Marlowe Vineyards, the golf course, Paleto Forest and Cassidy Creek.
Lucas7yoshi for finding the wrong normal map texture of a parking lot sign and a ground UV map error at the La Mesa's RON gas station.
CurtisG2000 for reporting the issue with a few stairs collisions at West Vinewood and a floating wall light at Cypress Flats.
Jerry521 for reporting the issue with two misplaced puddle collisions outside the Sandy Shores motel.
Matador da 25 for reporting the issue with the wrong collision material of the ground/road at the highway near the casino.
dexyfex for Codewalker.
The OpenIV Team for OpenIV.
3Doomer for GIMS Evo.
Neos7 for the GTA V Map Helper script for 3DS Max.
Dekurwinator for the portals, flags and audio tutorials.
Skylumz for the Sollumz plugin for Blender.
indilo53 for GTAUtil.

Removed the paths files as they cause an issue with the GPS.
Updated only "spmappatches".
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