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Grapeseed-San Andreas
At a small fishing village on the shores of the Alamo Sea, multiple Law Enforcement Agencies and the Military have gathered to investigate the disappearance of a government aircraft transporting high-level criminals to Los Santos. The last transmission of the aircraft was a routine notation of their approaching the Alamo Sea from the Northwest. Their intended destination was Ft. Zancudo on the Northwest Coast. Both Zancudo and the Sandy Shores towers lost contact immediately after.

One man, 'Elroy Jenkins' says 'he witnessed a plane go down in the Alamo Sea at approximately 20:00 hours after seeing a sudden bright light come from the water.' Jenkins is a known drunkard and sufferer of PTSD from his time in service, so his testimony may not be valid.

For years the Alamo Sea has been notorious for numerous 'disappearances' beneath its salty waves. This time however, both a Weazel News Helicopter and a Coast Guard Patrol Boat sent within hours to look for wreckage and recover survivors / bodies have also disappeared. Now missing are the reporter and pilot, two Coast Guardsmen, one Blaine County Sherriff's Deputy and Senior LSPD Investigator Darrel Williams along with two Search and Rescue Divers. Aboard the plane were an IAA and FIB agents and their male and female prisoners.

Now that the IAA and FIB are involved, You have been contracted by the Infinity Group to independently investigate the disappearances. Your only clue as to where the plane went down is a 'Float' marking the spot where Jenkins says he saw the aircraft go down. Again, in his haste to get back to shore and get help, the old-timer 'forgot' where he placed the float! If it is out there, it will be where you need to start looking!

At best, this is nothing more than an unfortunate accident. But, the Alamo Sea is a 'strange place', so be on guard. Also, be advised: since both aircraft and boats have disappeared during the search, use extreme caution! A Rib-Boat and Diving gear have been provided courtesy of your Infinity Group contact. Reporters and the Paparazzi are on scene so do not engage with them as this is a 'classified operation'. Good hunting!


Place the 'Search and Recovery'XML into the Menyoo 'Spooner' file.


Map Builder Discovery or ver.2.2.3
No Boundary Limits*

Recommended Mods:

Coroner's Rumpo Van (Addon)
Enhanced Native Trainer*

Note: You absolutely need 'No Boundary Limits' for this map! In the .INI settings, set all to 'true' and the 'Depth Limit' to '999' or you won't be able to use a submerisble vehicle if you so choose.

If you choose to bring a bodyguard, Enhanced Native Trainer will be the better option to get them to enter the water/dive with.

As with any 'mystery', please don't be 'that guy/gal' by spoiling it in the comments or any videos!


DO NOT MAKE CHANGES ANDOR UPLOAD THIS MOD CLAIMING IT IS YOUR WORK! Do give proper credit and link all videos, online images or presentations to this page on5Mods, youtube, discord or any other outlet associated with IamMistahWolf.
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