Skid on brake removed   /  Pedal SFX replacement  

02eb1c skidnomore


At all speeds, pressing the brake will now only cause proper surface type SFX to play. Previously, when tapping the brake at any speed over 5mph, there was a guaranteed annoying sound effect played of your tyres losing traction.

I've now replaced that sound, so in game when you hit the brake, if you listen carefully you'll hear the pedal being pushed down... amazing, right?

Also reduces vehicles.awc file size for all you big sound modders!

There is an OIV installer, but alternatively,
If you want to retain your current vehicles.awc, import the audio file 0x057E09B6. In order to hear the correct DSP effects you will need to edit a line of Vehicles.oac before said import. Follow Headroom Adjustment for details.
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