Daikoku Futo v3.0

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Welcome to my first file

Simple explaintation of Daikoku Futo :
Daikoku Futo is a parking area in Japan that used for industrial truck parking on day. But used to be the car culture meet on the night.
*correct me if i was wrong

This is a save file for Szabo's Persistence Mod

It contain a lot of tuned cars parked in the airport parking area (with peds).
Theres a lot of cars than in the screenshots.
And also it has a freeway race.
You can see it yourself by downloading this ;)

Note :
-Szabo's mod not included
-Map Editor not included
-Community Race not included
-Cars will be there for 24/7
-Cars are not a random tuned cars parked. It'll always be the same car.
-My neon is not saved for those cars
-Sometimes cars spawn with no modification. just reload the script and it'll fix it

-Szabo's Persistence mod
-Map Editor by Guadmaz
-Community Race
-You (for edit text inside the .lua file, its really

*I heard that szabo's mod have compatibility
issues with SPG mod. But i dont have any
problem here with SPG installed

Installation in readme inside the archives

Feel free to ask everything
Tell me if there was some mistakes

Allright, thanks for stopping by.
Sorry for bad english

July 25 version :
-Initial release

August 9 version :
-Removed my own parked cars
-New cars added

October 2 version :
-Added peds and lamppost
-Added wangan race
-Added tips how to turn green blips into grey blips

Credit :
Szabo's and Guadmaz for making great mod
droot for the tips
Banjarmasin, Indonesia
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