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Desc: Witness a huge gang war breakout in the distance.
Take the side of Groves n help them take down Ballas or be a good civilian and call 911.
Watch them hijack the nearest car and sit along side their remaining gang members and Drive away from the crimie Scene.
update 1.1.1: (Awaiting approval)
1.Added more options in ini like disabling notification, friendly groves.
2.Fixed bug where if player was in driver seat he would be forced to drive.

update 1.1:
1.Added ini customisation support. Now you have full control of every thing.
2. Made them spawn closer to each other(you can edit it in ini) so that they don't end up not fighting sometimes
3. Changed spawn point from sidewalk to street because sometime sidewalk spawns them inside buildings

Place everything inside GTA 5 root folder
Go around doing your thing it will happen on it's own randomly
You can manually trigger the event as well as delete event in progress. Keys configuration in ini file.

1. A gang shoot out, Random weapon for every Thug
2. Customisable, almost every setting is customisable in ini file.
3. Gangs Leave the crime scene with their team mates after the killings by hijacking nearest car. They will wait for their member to sit in and then drive off when all the seat has been occupied or else they will loose patience after 20 sec or so.
4. They Warp into the closest vehicle if they are stuck for some odd reason
5.Once you get far away they automatically despawn.
6. Delete the event by Pressing "delete" or press "/" to trigger the event Manually (configurable)

1. If the closest car to them is far they will stand still until they are warped into the vehicle
2. Sometime spawn location can be off, just delete the event and let it happen later on. Some locations are hard to get spawn to work properly
3. They sometimes don't fight it is because they might spawn a bit far from the combat range. Changing the spawn distance should fix this. I will add ini support next update to customise alot of thing

NOTE:- When the event is triggered for the first time the models will take time to load

Source code:-

I don't get enough free time to work on the code hence making it open source for others to see how I did it :)

Future plans:- Police backup arriving to the scene after a while.
A small mission when you enter the car as passenger or driver.
Need your suggestions :)

Credit: Feel free to use in videos and etc. But credit me and all the people who worked on this mod. As of now it's only me.
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