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Mod description:

Spawn a swat team to aid you in your violent endeavours. With a (current) maximum of 4 operators, you can roam around the map all the while capable swat operators are at your disposal. You can also see it as a bodyguard mod, but thats not how I intended it.

Menu key : H (default)
Key to Execute selected operation : E (You have to be aiming at a Ped, or a Ped in a Vehicle)
Key to Switch from operation : X
Key to Select Target (press on empty space to revoke) / Seek Cover from aim coords: Q
Key to Regroup your team: R
Key to Selec Ambush position for 1 operator/ Goto aim coords: C

These keys are customizable in the SwatTeam.ini.


Extract the SwatTeamV0.3.rar in your Gta scripts folder.

The files exist of :
-SwatTeam folder


Bugs and Features:

-Spawn up to 4 operators
-Select the weapons the team will use
-Let the team mimic your weapon
-Synchronized Shooting, your team will aim and shoot identical to you.
-Synchronized Shot, inspired by Ghost Recon Wildlands. Select as much targets as you have spawned operators, and shoot to execute the sync shot.
-Ambush, After enabling, press the keyToSetAmbushPosition button (C by default) to signal your operator to take your current position and aim.
-Goto aim coords, when Ambush is disabled, hold keyToSetAmbushPosition (C by default) button to signal your operatives to move to your aim coords.
-Seek cover from aim coords, when Synchronized Shot is disabled, aim at a surface and press the keyToSelectTarget button to signal your operatives to seek cover from your aim coords.
-Aimbient Operations: For the following operations, the player is required to have a target at their aim.
-Eliminate, as simple as it sounds.
=Surround, form a perimiter arround the target.
-Arrest, try and arrest the target.
-Plant bomb, signal one of your idle operatives to plant a bomb at your aim coords.
-Enter Vehicle, (Any of the above with an empty vehicle at aim).


-Fixed a bug where switching from character would brake the spawning operator functionality

+Reworked UI
+Rewrote Operation Surround
+Rewrote Goto aim coords.
+added ability to signal operators into a vehicle
+added ability to make squad invincible

+added New operation Plant Bomb
+added Feature move operatives to aim coords
+added Follow checkbox for Synchronized Shooting
+added Seek cover from aim coords
+added ability for operatives to execute operation Eliminate from within a vehicle
-Fixed a bug where operatives couldn't teleport to player

+added ability to customize ped model in ini
+added Feature Ambush
-Fixed a description typo in Sync Shot
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