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    Hi @AidenDem !
    5* for the project ! The best successor of "Better Chases & Warrant" and a must have ! Thank you for your work !
    So I read that you'll include the ini modification ingame in the next update, coz right now we can't tweak the mod at all, even
    the ini files you gave us are not working properly. I receive multiples errors notifications ingame. Is it normal tho ?

    hace 1 día
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    Hi @lucasvinbr !
    Thank you for your answer.
    Well noted for the errors.
    About the crash, yes it's a desktop one and yes I'm using "Realistic weapons play" ( which is working just fine with the basic "gangdata.xml".
    But I'm a bit annoyed about the golf club, fireworks, or supa heavy weapons. I'm looking for more realism and just give them weapons from the street.
    I'll try again, modifying the file before playing with it and see the result. Try also another gameconfig to be sure it doesn't come from it but I'm using this one : (with the option x1.5 peds and traffic).

    hace 2 días
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    Hi @lucasvinbr ! Your mod is insanely fantastic !
    And thank you for your responsive attitude ! Very appreciated !

    I have one question about the logs, I've got nothing special in the Scripthookdotnet log but I've got this in my main directory :
    - From Gang&TurfMod log :
    2/19/2024 8:34:29 AM : Cleared log! (This happens when the mod is initialized)
    2/19/2024 8:34:29 AM : locale test: does not work
    - From a log appearing after playing with the name "error_GangAndTurfMod_20240219-0834":
    2/19/2024 8:34:29 AM : could not load locale culture file: en-US

    What those mean ?

    Also, I've got a crash from your mod when I modified the gangdata.xml (from All Gangs for Gang and Turf Mod), changing the preferred weapon hashes to fit more about my expectations. I did the modifications after playing a bit with the mod so do you think it may conflict with something ?

    I'm sure the crash come from your mod because without it or with the unmodified files of "All Gangs for Gang and Turf Mod", the game works flawlessly.

    Thank you in advance for you time ! And thanks a lot again for your work !

    hace 3 días
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    Hi @Jayden585
    Thanks so much for your advice !!
    So I tried but I got a bug with the wanted level... I'm having 2 stars at random moments (being sure that I was doing nothing special to get police level).
    Could it be related to another file ?

    hace 6 días
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    Man it sounds good ! The best mod for helicopter, but if you could technically add more bass in the sound to feel it more powerful, it could be awesome !
    Many thanks for your work anyway !

    hace 7 días
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    Hi !
    Nice project mod ! I found out your mod by searching a mod which could make cops don't shoot until you shoot at them. "Better Chases & Warrant" does that but only when you're driving, once out of the car, bullets flying everywhere...

    I would like to keep the police files of the game as clean as possible without interrupting base system with many modified files. After 6 years of modding that game, I realized that the game behave much better with police files not modified.

    So I write to you to have your advice so I could try to modify the file I need. Do you have an idea of which file I should looking for ? I was thinking about "dispatch.meta" or "combatbehavior.meta" or else but I can't find out by myself.

    I hope you could help me !
    Thank you for your time and keep up this nice project !

    hace 7 días
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    I see I completely forgot that your mod creates a log file ! So now I see my mistakes.
    Could you just explain me what this means "The XML declaration must be the first node in the document, and no white space characters are allowed to appear before it. Line 2 portion 3" ? I can't really figure out where is the mistake, I only understand that there is a space where it shouldn't be.. Except if I'm wrong ^^
    Thanks for your help bro

    14 de mayo de 2020
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    Hey, I try to make an apocalypse gang battle. So I have installed Simple Zombie and using your Gang&Turf mod. I have also made my own gangs, a Police one and also Army. Everything was working perfectly and now my GangData.xml is replaced every time by an another one (that I didn't make). Do you know why this happens ?

    13 de mayo de 2020
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    Nice mod bro ! Just one thing, I play with SimpleZombies mod and both mods don't fit very well together, by that I mean that npc from your mod don't attack zombies... Do you think you could do something about that ?

    11 de mayo de 2020
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    Nice ! Thanks man ! I will work on that tomorrow :)

    26 de abril de 2020