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    Does this work in the Rockstar Editor?

    16 de octubre de 2019
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    Mod works great except that any vehicle vanishes when I switch actors if any actor is inside a vehicle =(

    8 de octubre de 2019
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    The dismemberment installation instructions require the user to "don't forget to add the entry to dlclist.xml."

    What the actual f***? What entry does he mean? What's the syntax for adding it? Where does it go? Where is dlclist.xml located? Is it in file explorer or in OpenIV?

    I love the condescension following this vague advice, that the reader will require "a brain" in order to "don't forget" whatever it was the reader may not have ever known in the first place but this modder did not think to provide instructions or education or information for.

    I see by the majority of comments that the majority of users cannot make this mod work in modern GTA. It's possible that the mod needs to be updated, but it's also possible that the installation instructions are unclear, vague, or incomplete, further confusing people who are doing their best, but lacking information.

    27 de septiembre de 2019
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    This mod is awesome and fun.

    Too bad you can't change the activation hotkey (and the web hotkey and the hotkey in file don't match).

    Another downside is that Rockstar Editor recording is halted is whenever the Thor menu is opened, or whenever the Thor powers menu is opened.

    Recommendation: Have the game slow down immensely instead of pause completely when selecting Thor's two-button power. I think this will allow recording to continue.

    9 de julio de 2018
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    Any attempt to install this mod results in my game crashing while loading up. I had to perform a clean install from scratch and add mods one by one until I was certain this mod was the culprit.

    29 de junio de 2018
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    Installed to "Scripts" folder. Menu doesn't open with F10. Menu doesn't open with CTRL+I (keys specified in the settings file although they disagree with web description of keys). Have tried other menu hotkeys in the Settings file and the menu will not open.

    Am running 40ish other mods, many with their own menus and no issues on any of them. This one cannot be accessed in game.

    28 de junio de 2018
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    This mod still works in the current game version. I've never had any issue getting this mod to work.

    @sollaholla The one problem is that in the config file, setting "Use stats" to "False" doesn't actually turn off hunger and thirst. It only turns off displaying hunger and thirst.

    Set to true: Stats visible on startup, hunger and thirst begin to drain.
    Set to false: Stats hidden on startup, hunger and thirst begin to drain. To prevent death from dehydration, user must open mod menu and then ON status and then turn them OFF AGAIN inside the game.

    It's also worth noting that the hostile survivors from this mod are one of my favorite ways to generate random attacks from peds in vehicles. This behavior should be released as a standalone mod because it works flawlessly (with or without zombies) and better than other "random attack" mods I've tried.

    26 de junio de 2018
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    @Konijima I also get wanted levels if a cop car is close to me while I'm in a taxi (and sometimes driving, but taxis are the most noteable/immersion breaking). Does the cop consider me armed?

    26 de agosto de 2017
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    Mod works fine.

    I have two issues in game, I do not know if either is caused by this mod (but it is suspect).

    1. If killed by police and respawn at hospital, character is followed by unmarked black police helicopters (not the vanilla police helicopters). This chopper stalks me indefinitely even if I die again (other causes) or drive halfway across the state. (And since this mod makes the police much more responsive, automatic wanted levels for almost all actions while the chopper is following.

    The only way to lose it is switch characters.

    2. When a police car drives near a taxi I'm in, I gain a wanted level for no apparent reason.

    If anyone takes over this mod (or knows any settings to change), please be aware of those two.

    Apart from that, everything still works great as of August 2017.

    26 de agosto de 2017
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    If installed correctly, this mod is automatically activated when you run the game. There are no additional steps to activate the mod inside GTA5.

    All settings for this mod are managed by RealLifeMod2.ini

    @Konijima I have no HUD in attack helicopters. I have "ON FOOT NO RADAR" set to false, but I should still have the minimap in helicopters. (I have it in vehicles.)

    26 de agosto de 2017