Kolkata, West Bengal
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  • Gtao60

    @Slash_Alex Supercars - Benefactor krieger (Diamond Casino), Cheval Taipan (Super Sports)
    Sports - Albany V-STR (Casino Heist)
    Muscle - Vapid Dominator GTX (Super Sports), Vapid Slamvan Nightmare (Arena War)
    .....and few more. Some cars like these are crashing when using 'Randomize Upgrades' option.

    hace 8 días
  • Gtao60

    @Zemanez Game is crashing when I'm using the 'Randomize Upgrades' option under the 'Vehicle Modifications' menu. I loved this feature, but for some cars its crashing. Please fix it. :)

    hace 8 días
  • Gtao60

    I want to disable the honk feature, only want to keep the burnout feature. How do I do that?

    hace 10 días
  • Gtao60

    Can you add the NFS Payback's Heist Mustang livery in next update? Also, when I'm equipping the "RTR SPEC5 Widebody Kit" front bumper, it is not showing the green lights on the grill like the Payback's mustang, so if you can fix this green lights for the "RTR SPEC5 Widebody Kit" front bumper (adding it as secondary color), and add the livery, it would be fun. :)

    14 de noviembre de 2019
  • Gtao60

    how do you get this awesome blur effect?

    16 de septiembre de 2019
  • Gtao60

    @Rmod Customs can you please make Koenigsegg One car mod (addon)? It's my favourite car but no one's releasing that car mod, except one by Vans123, but that one's not working properly for me as it has no separate addon, so I want you to make a fresh addon

    6 de julio de 2019
  • Gtao60

    @Slash_Alex Thanks for the update with the blips problem solved! I found another small problem. When I spawn a "cop male/female" bodyguard and we enter in a cop car, the cop bodyguard moves in and out of the car when the car is stopped, and a one star police level appears, because of which nearby cops starts shooting me. I found it only happens when we enter in a cop car, when I tried with other normal cars it didn't happen. I think there is some problem when I enter in a cop car with a "cop male/female" bodyguard.

    17 de abril de 2019
  • Gtao60

    @Zemanez I found a small bug.. When I enable "fuel consumption" of vehicles and set "blips" to "everywhere", then after I enter any clothes/barber/ammunition shop and exit it, the blip of that particular shop disappears from the map. In fact sometimes all the clothes/barber/ammunition shops' blips disappear.

    13 de abril de 2019
  • Gtao60

    @Slash_Alex Thank you for looking for a solution :)

    6 de marzo de 2019
  • Gtao60

    @Zemanez Please add a option like "Vehicle Lights on during Blackout". I really like the Blackout feature during night when the electric power in the whole city goes off, but I want the vehicle headlights to be on just like in real life

    2 de marzo de 2019