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    @sjaak327 How to see all driver's drivemode from 1-10? Because it's only numbers are there.

    21 de diciembre de 2017
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    @Piggsy_pls Can you copy the log from event viewer? That will tell why does your game crashed.

    15 de agosto de 2017
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    @Dilapidated @Yard1 Hi, i got crash when playing for some time. It said kernelbase.dll error. Then i take a look at your gameconfig. I found out that some numbers in some lines are way too big. So i reduce some numbers and now i haven't got any crash.

    14 de agosto de 2017
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    @Willief23 Can you help me what line in gameconfig that i can increase to fix my texture missing problem? I have RDE mod and when i'm at 6 stars, the texture goes missing.

    24 de junio de 2017
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    @Yard1 @Dilapidated I see that the Cops or Nooses or Anything that spawned from the script is very lazy (Won't get into building, too much waiting outside, When their vehicles stuck they won't try again, When they lost their vehicle they won't get into another empty vehicle, etc). It's very different with the cops or etc that spawned by the game itself. I believe it must be the A.I. Can you change the A.I of the script to the game A.I? Because i see the game A.I is way smarter.

    Also i found a bug from the script. Whenever i jump out from airplane while getting chased by military jets in 6 stars wanted level and land to the ground, there will be no ground forces chasing me. Only helicopters with some roadblocks that are spawned by the game not the script. Please fix this bug too. Thank you.

    31 de mayo de 2017
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    @dilapidated @yard1 How to make driver to stay inside a vehicle and shooting? I see that the lewd's can do that but my add-on vehicle with driver gunner seat and 3 passenger seats will just get out after he get close enough to me.

    12 de febrero de 2017
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    @NotCrunchyTaco Can NPC/Ped shoot in water too?

    29 de enero de 2017
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    @Dilapidated @Yard1 I never set despawn distance like that "1000 to 1000 at 0mph"
    Please help... They are not spawning because the despawn.

    [01/19/2017 03:35:03] - <GenerateSpawnPos>: InZone:False | tooHigh:False | tooLow:False
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <VehicleMonitor>: Police Buffalo found in ambient queue
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <ShouldIDelete>: Police Buffalo is considered dead
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <AdjustDistance>: Despawn Distance was adjusted from 1000 to 1000 because the player is going 0mps
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <GenerateSpawnPos>: InZone:False | tooHigh:False | tooLow:False
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <Entitymonitor>: 1 Ambient vehicles were found and monitored
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <GenerateSpawnPos>: InZone:False | tooHigh:False | tooLow:False
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <Entitymonitor>: 0 peds were found and processed
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <GenerateSpawnPos>: InZone:False | tooHigh:False | tooLow:False
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <GetRandomVGroup>: Selected Vgroup lspd_cop_3star, Currently Spawned 0 | in Queue 0 | Max Spawns 2
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <Sleeper>: SpawnMin:15|SpawnMax:30|RespawnMin:20|RespawnMax40|Using:36
    [01/19/2017 03:35:04] - <SixStar_SpawnQueue>: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    Parameter name: index
    at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
    at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.get_Item(Int32 index)
    at SixStar_SpawnQueue.CreateSpawnQueueItem(Spawned s, Int32 spawnOverride, Boolean respawn)

    19 de enero de 2017
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    @Yard1 @Dilapidated Nothing spawn when in wanted level. I have scripthook and scripthook,net. When i turn the debug on, it show the police spawn and directly Despawn. WTF. I'm on foot btw. this my logs:

    19 de enero de 2017
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    @Yard1 @Dilapidated Please fix the random Juggernaut empty car. It happened sometimes when in wanted level. The Jugg's car spawn but no one inside it.

    8 de enero de 2017