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The BMW 02 Series is a range of compact executive cars produced by German automaker BMW between 1966 and 1977, based on a shortened version of the New Class Sedans.
The top model, 2002 Turbo, was launched just before the 1973 oil crisis therefore only 1,672 were built. This was BMW's first turbocharged production car.
This car was available only in two colors: white and silver, so I did same with Add-On version of my car. By default it spawns only in those two colors, but you can respray it in any color you like. I made car as multi-livery car, but I made just one original livery. There is a template for those who want to make more liveries, no need to replace original one, just add more textures and name it "turbo_sign_2" , "turbo_sign_3", "turbo_sign_4"...( not sure what the limit is, but you can make at least 8), and car would random spawn with difrent livery. For replace version you can replace "turbo_sign_1" and it will work, but for multilivery additional editing is needed (in "vehicles.meta" - FLAG_HAS_LIVERY). If you want car with no livery at all, you can replace "turbo_sing_1" with "" texture. Side "Turbo" text is not part of the livery but separate mesh. You can change its color if you replace texture "turbodecal" with another one in color you want. Also you can make it invisible replacing it with "".
Car handling is ok, it is fast (can reach +200 km/h,and dials are very correct) and stable, but someone (who knows how) might want to play with "handling.meta" to make it perfect :)
I was testing almost all RWD cars to find what to replace, and unexpectedly I found "Casco" as best solution. I adapted car for Casco, and it will probably not work as good replacement for any other car.
If you want to replace another car, better solution is to extract car files from Add-on version and try (For example "Schwarzer" has good handling, but driver position does not match).
All glass do crash (includung inner mirror and even platelights), and inner glass does not get dark after upgrade. I did dirt and burn maping, forgive me, please if I forgot something:)
Tell me if you find something wrong.
There are some modifications options for Add-On version.Two more versions of exhaust and cage upgrade. Linked mod can change licence plates (EU plates, and old German oval export plates).
Also, there are some extras for Add-on version. Casco has no tuning parts, but there are 3 diferent versions of the car. US plates , EU plates, and vintage plates - install one you like.
To open sunroof , open rear left door. It will also switch interior light on.
Any bugs? Well, so far as I know, you can not wash Casco (replace version) in Car Wash. For Addon version, I should maybe mention that changing the plates will turn off extras.
L0 (HIGH) = 93.950 polygons (replace version less: 83.520 polygons- because has no extras)
L1 (MEDIUM) = 29.992 polygons
L2 (LOW) = 8.767 polygons
I hope you will like it:)
Naj Potez 01.IV.2019.
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