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This scene makes the area of Vinewood Hills more alive. Sure Vinewood Hills is already beautiful by default but I found that extra details was needed, so i decided to add more props to the environment. You see more people in the map, there are now more people in their front or back gardens, standing on the balconies or sitting on some benches. The gardens have now also more furniture, gardentools, outdoor accessories etc. Along the roads you will see more things like trees, benches, stones, snack bars. I've builded also a bar and a restaurant on a empty road in the middle of Vinewood Hills. If you walk further on this road you can find some homeless shelters and other debris. A water sports center is located by the lake. The dog let out field now functions as a campsite [of course it was cleaned before before they pulled in XD]. Check out the info-map to find all the locations and view my video to get a good overview. Have a good time in this expensive villa district!

Latest version of Map Editor
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

OmegaKingMods Map Builder Community 1.04
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

An Objectlist that contains the Map BuilderIV, Biker and Import & Export Props, Special Races, Gunrunning, Smugglers Run, Doomsday Heist & After Hours DLC props. [one is added in the download]

Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects.
If you use Menyoo you don't need this.

Too many add-ons! (Gameconfig Fix!) to add more DLC's to your game [Optional]
How to load this map

Press in game F7 and load the map manual by enter it's name "Vinewood". The map teleports you automaticly to the Vinewood Hills lake to load all the props [be patient], after that you will be sent to the main road were you can find the bar & restaurant. You can also set in a trainer "everybody ignores player" to have a better time at the bar and restaurant...
Changes 1.1

I added a garage so you can fix your car in the Vinewood Hills district... It has a working garage door and has breakable windows. Be sure that you use an objectlist with the "the Biker, Import & Export and Special Races DLC", otherwise some objects don't want to load. I added one to the download.

Changes 1.2

Vinewoodhills has now a big showroom with the vinest sportcars collection available for the hood. They only sell exclusive cars and the best motorcycles. The showroom has a workable garage door and interior lights and of course breakable windows. Be aware of that you need an objectlist and an updated vehiclelist with latest Smuggler Run DLC [one is provided in the download]

Changes 1.3 Hotfix

Bugfixes, the floor of the restaurant was tilted and has now been corrected & some heights of objects has been fixed.

Changes 1.4

The foundation of the restaurant & bar has been re-laid with better textures and some roofs look now better.

Changes 1.5 [dynamic update]

In this update i've set most of the objects to dynamic, so now the objects will interact with the player in the gameworld. I Added some nice props from the After Hours DLC such as new tents, vehicles etc. And I fixed some bugs.
Extra Information

Alive & City ymap pack [has all the maps in packs for the game]

You can also use Jedijosh920 sitting mod to sit on a bench.

Use this mod for real Working Hotdog Vendors by Jedijosh920
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