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    @LilBinh109 Hello there. Are you using script?

    Also did you try the optional download "Garage Script Compatible"?

    hace 2 días
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    @John1992 Thank you so much 🙈🙈😊😊😊😊😊 Very happy you liked it 😊😊😊

    @kamranos Thank you so so much 😊😊 Would you mind showing me a screenshot of the tree there? I don't have it in my game so, perhaps it might be from a different mod you installed. But at least I can help you to remove it, you can hop in to my discord too if you wish since I'm being more active there 😅😅 or ping me here when you comment so at least I get a notification 😅

    hace 3 días
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  • 76b511 thumper sitting

    @bmw740il Thank you so much :)

    It's easy to remove the screens with CodeWalker. Though about the one you mentioned that are not working, have you installed the AddonProps? I have found out there are some other mods that are using the same dlcpack name so there may be a possibility you installed one of these later on and it overwrote mine.

    I can do a new dlcpack with a different name so it won't get overwritten by those and won't overwrite the old ones vice versa.

    Would you mind showing the location of the place you want blinders on :)

    hace 3 días
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    @gta5testya Of course :) Thank you so much :)) I will link this mod page as well :)

    hace 3 días
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    @kamranos Hi there. You can use CodeWalker to delete the ones being outside of the the older one. New version's foundation layout is pretty much the same with the old one, there are just some newly added exteriors.

    Just don't install the main house ydr and ybn however (the shell of the house) as that would be incompatible. Anything else like tv room, kitchen and such you can install :))

    17 de noviembre de 2022
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    @dgtl.brandxn Thank you so so so much 🙈😊😊🐰🐇🐾

    22 de octubre de 2022
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    @gtamodenthusiast Hello there :) You need to put it inside your dlcpacks folder :) It's a dlcpack on it's own, then need to activate it by editing the dlclist.xml . Do you know how to do that? If not feel free to tag me in the comment and I can explain :) You can join my discord too, I'm mostly being active at there so. Also the site doesn't give me any notification if you don't tag my name with @ in the comments so sometimes I'm missing them :/

    @Yukochan16 You need to ask that to BigShaqNOKetchup. He is the original author of the mod. I only modified his mod and added some new thingies with his permission.

    22 de octubre de 2022
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    @MVPmods I really liked the concept 😊😊 Truly thank you so so much for bringing these amazing Templates to us, they give me so many ideas now 🙈🙈🥰🥰🥰

    There are a few thingies I wanted to point out by the by, most can be easily fixed by users but some I think not :(

    - Template 1;
    . Your History should be Your story.
    . The arrow at "upload story" category should be like "->" (with a horizontal line left to the ">" )
    . The bottom doesn't have a black tint.
    . Also the circular symbols at the top should be a bit more greyish. They felt a bit darker in the template.

    An example image:

    - Template 3; (These might be different between Andorid and iPhone so I'm not entirely sure. Or perhaps they are just different because of late updates.)
    . The camera icon at the bottom left is removed now.
    . The 3 little dot at the "Leave a message" bubble now moved to the top right, left of the X button.
    . Also the text has been changed to "Send message".

    An example image:

    - and lastly (Most noticeable at "template post insta");
    . I think you used the Dark Mode of the Instagram. Would it be possible by any chance if you can make an optional Light Mode? 😊 (Luke Skywalker would very much likey that 😅😅 )
    . and the "3 points upright" at the top right became horizontal now.
    . I won't ask the latest "This, that and X others liked that" though because that would be a bit complicated 🤣🤣

    The letters and the black tint at the template 1 can easily fixed by users too but I think the other stuff are a bit beyond me :(

    21 de octubre de 2022
  • 76b511 thumper sitting

    Hi there @YungDollas :)

    Is it ok if you can fix the "Skinning data is present in vertex buffer, but bone mapping does not exist." problem? I'm trying to make it .ydr so I can attach it to my addon ped with Menyoo :))

    5 de octubre de 2022