Angry Firemen (Community)


You know that crazy firefighters going mad when you walk up against them? Now they are very mad.. more than ever before! Enquiped with miniguns they will try to kill you (and yes, unless they are 911 people, they will kill police officers too).

Just a simple mod, but it might be fun for you (for example video editing).

  1. Firemen spawning when pressing NumPad 8

Coming features
  1. Killpoints will be added for each killed firemen

Known issues
  1. Game crashes when spawning too much firemen (e.g. 100+)

Community version
This is a community version of this mod. This means the source code is available for everyone who wants it. You are allowed to make changes to this source code and develop next versions of this mod. Please read the 'Terms of Use and Development' within the download.

YouTube mod showcase & channel
Below, you will find a link to the YouTube video of this mod, getting a better idea about this mod.

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Detailed information and installation instructions can be find in the readme file.

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