CGE's Dynamic Radar and HUD [GTALua] 3.0

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GTALua is required. (
Get the ASI version here:

This mod auto-hides the radar and other HUD elements. They can be temporarily restored by pressing a configurable input or by activating the mobile phone.

Alternatively, the radar and/or HUD can be set to appear when in a vehicle, when a waypoint is set, while on a mission, or when a wanted level is high enough.

By default, the HUD is restored by the D-Pad (keyboard Z) and the radar is activated by the phone. You can configure them independently (see the readme file for details). F8 will toggle the mod in-game. This can be changed.

Bonus options:
• hide/unhide police blips
• full-map radar in interiors
• invisible crosshairs and crosshair toggle
• auto-hidden current objective text
• hidden multiplayer rank bar

The mod does not work in online mode without a scripthook bypass. Unfortunately, that no longer exists as of the most recent updates.


1.1 - Fixed a problem with determining whether or not the player is online.
2.0 - Complete revamp of the mod. No longer differentiates between single-player and online modes. Both the directional pad and the phone can now be used to enable the radar and various hud elements regardless of the player model.
3.0 - Fixed problems with phone-activated radar using keyboard/mouse input. Added extensive options for wanted levels and missions. Added a short delay to prevent random radar flickering.
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