Train Simulation Mod 2.10


TSM–Train Simulation Mod is a script modification that allows the player to operate trains in San Andreas while offering unique features, such as custom GUIs, stops, and speed limits.

− Take control of any train in San Andreas.
− TSM attempts to strike a balance between realism and casual gameplay.
− Features a unique custom GUI for both train types, stations/stops, speed limits, sounds, and a unique control scheme.
− Features dynamic acceleration and braking values based on the actual layout of a given train.
− TSM takes engine power, train mass, friction, and inclination into account.
− Features an additional view mode (to look behind).
− Online, players riding a train under the user’s control will be notified via game SMS of the next station or stop.

− Consult the DEFAULT CONTROLS file to view the list of default TSM control keys.
− Consult the FEATURE INFO file for some useful information regarding TSM.
− Press Alt + F12 near any locomotive to enter it. Once inside, press F12 to take control.
− Reverse the above process to exit the train.
− If improper information is displayed in GUI, the train must be calibrated by approaching a station.
− In single player, the metro train should be exited at a station rather than between stops.
− Players using the PLD mod should temporarily disable it by pressing Alt + Ctrl + L.
− Speed limits are still a WIP.

− A GTAV ScriptHook must be installed for any .asi modification to work.
− Using script modifications in GTA Online can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the service.
− 1. Place the .asi file provided in the download inside your main GTAV game directory.
− 2. Start your game.

− TSM is coded by Lt.Caine.
− Thank you to Alexander Blade without whose work scripting for GTAV would not be possible.
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