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    @H4Z4RD I had the same issue, go into the vehicle.meta and change the audio line to <audioNameHash>euros</audioNameHash>

    This fixed my sound issue

    22 de febrero de 2024
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    For those having issues with the Dynasty8 buy boards not being available, run GTA V as an administrator. I have discovered that ifruitaddon script needs administrative permission to function properly because of the location of GTA V, which is program files. Without running as admin, ifruitaddon cannot create a folder inside of program files, which is what it needs to do to function properly.

    You can set the game to always launch in administrator by going to your launcher (in my case, PlayGTAV.exe) and going to properties > compatibility > run this program as an administrator.

    I hope this helps others since I could not find this fix in the comments.

    12 de febrero de 2023