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  • B4c8b2

    HELLO!!! for long while i have not been on GTA V just been away & working lately so i finally decide to get back on again and see what has changed i have updated script hook v and the ENT Trainer looks great and also the gameconfig.xml file but everytime i press F4 which opens the trainer menu i get the script hookv.NET type screen which it says type help to print an overview of available commands like a page type screen on the top screen of the game screen..but if i like press F4 multiple times like 2-3 times it wont show itll also close the trainer menu or itll keep it open and i can still use it please help what i can do to disable that from opening when i open my ent menu please i just want my ent menu to open with that hotkey (F4) please thanks!

    28 de noviembre de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    Please please make a 2017 dodge ram (1500) truck.

    27 de agosto de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    Wow nice another trainer update, but what is the difference between "BZ-Gas" & tear gas in game? I've used both of em before but can't tell any difference.

    22 de agosto de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    Where do I install this at? Please be specific because now I get gta v exited unexpectedly

    19 de agosto de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    Nice man can you please make say a Beverly Hills cop theme intro love the synthesizer that pays in the them song.

    10 de agosto de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    hi i recently just updated the trainer yesterday and today i just updated the script hook v & dotnet 2 but then i also updated the config.xml and but my game still crashes when in the loading screen what could i have done wrong that causes it to crash & give me that message that gta v exited unexpectedly..please help which is the best most accurate gameconfig mod to use on gta v mods?

    8 de agosto de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    @kagikn hi maybe you can help me with fixing my problem here i recently just updated script hook v & dotnet2 and also my gameconfig file mod that i use from gta v mods site also here is the link to that mod( i read the comments on the recent update & some say it worked or it doesn't work i installed both scripthook v files to the main directory what did i do wrong that when i start up gta v to go to story mode i never go online just story, & it crashes after 3 mins of loading screen saying gta v exited unexpectedly..please help!

    7 de agosto de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    Does it sound like a realistic shovel sound effect when you swing it against someone haha. Just like if you were to hit the ground with it.

    8 de julio de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    hi can you please make the 2006 chevy colorado it has suicide doors with v6 engine i believe.

    7 de julio de 2019
  • B4c8b2

    hi i have a question i have LA Billboards pack that changes some things in LOS Santos & I've noticed i think it is from the LA billboards
    pack changed some vending machines even one that is a ice dispenser machine & then there is sprite & coca cola so installing this mod to it will it effect any part of the game like crash it or have both this mod conflicting with the vending mod recolor change?

    3 de julio de 2019