Realistic Snow Traction 2.0



Version 1.0 adds a backup for all you stoners

Version 1.1 adds a simplified readme to make installation slightly less difficult.

Version 1.5 Finally integrates KamiKami333's OIV version into this download. Thanks for your help and hard work kamiKami333.

Version 2.0 Makes off road snow surfaces on settings 3 and 4 much looser. Off roading in the snow will now be significantly more fun, realistic and challenging! OIV versions of 3 & 4 have been updated as well for quick and easy install.

NOTE: This mod does not put snow on the ground and is in effect whether its snowing or not. To force snow on the ground you need Menyoo, or a trainer or a snow mod.

This mod alters traction levels on all drivable surfaces in the game to make driving on snowy surfaces feel more realistic and immersive. I took a lot of time to test and tweak this, each surface is different and I have provided 4 levels of surface traction for you to choose from.

1 Light Snow: This is a little bit slicker and slightly more realistic than Rockstar's snow.
Main bug, indoor and underground areas without snow coverage will still drive like snow. This is somewhat realistic though as "black ice" or invisible ice are real hazards that can occur in tunnels and parking decks as well as paved roads.

2 Snow: Getting around fast will be a problem but normal traffic can handle it pretty well. This setting makes offroading and snow drifting pretty fun.
No additional bugs.

3 Snow And Ice: This is the setting used in the screenshots and is the best balance of realistic and playable. You will see occasional traffic accidents and a 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive vehicle is the best means of travel.
The only additional bug is that the Jester spins around in a circle uncontrollably. Evidently it can't handle the low traction and bugs out.

4 Iced Roads: This is the same as number three but the paved roads are as slick as ice. It's difficult to get around with anything but a 4X4 but it can be fun to watch some of the AI cause accidents and struggle to drive uphill just like real people.
Jester is still the only additional bug for setting four as well.

Some credit goes to mxt333 because his tire smoke mod gave me the idea.

The Old F150 in the pics can be found here:

To install OIV versions extract the level of OIV package you wish you wish to use and open with the OpenIV "package installer" option located in the "tools" menu of OpenIV.

If you like my mods and you wanna show me some support then please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
I'm non monetized and I post car and game videos regularly.
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