InversePower 1.1.4


InversePower gives a small boost when you're drifting at low speed to keep on drifting.

InversePower tries to counteract the fact that GTA V decreases engine power when your car starts gliding. This allows for a more realistic and less annoying driving experience. Drifting and slides are easier to maintain and adjust.

This mod is inspired by Drift Assist by InfamousSabre and works similarly. The big difference is that speed is used as a negative feedback to make cars not accelerate too much and swerve out of control at higher speeds. The lower the speed and the higher your angle, the more power is added.

Any GTA V version

Move InversePower.asi and InversePower.ini to the root of the GTA V folder.
Adjust the .ini as you see fit.

Source code

Initial release

Allow for angles >> 90 to get a power boost
Clean up debug window
Changed default values for less erratic behavior

Added deadzone
Better compatibility: Dropped Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x64) requirement

Add compatibility with Manual Transmission mod.
Fix deadzone option.

Remove cross-script functionality for CitizenFX support (removed Manual Transmission communication)

Disable "Power" by default to prevent incompatibility with gear-ratio setting scripts
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