Realistic Handling For tkOwnz' 69 Dodge Charger 1.5


Version 1.5 changes the power level from crank horsepower to wheel horsepower, this means more accurate speeds and acceleration as well as a more realistic and more noticeable difference between automatic and manual transmissions. Also made a few other performance changes for increased realism.

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This may be my most authentic and detailed handling mod so far, I've included three different engines to choose from, each with a unique and accurate sound. I've also included much better brake, suspension and engine upgrades for the car. Now when you put race brakes and race suspension on the car in LS Customs you will actually feel and see a notable difference.
Each engine/trans combo affects handling, the base model with the 318-2BL V8 engine handles and stops the best, and obviously the big block V8's offer better power at the cost of handling and drivability.

318-2BL V8
230 HP 120 MPH+
3 speed auto only although 3 speed manual was available IRL.
Best handling and braking but least power. Burns one tire around corners and reaches top speed rather slowly.

440 V8
400 HP 140 MPH+
3 speed auto or 4 speed manual.
Much better acceleration and top speed than the smaller 318 V8 at the cost of braking and handling.

426 HEMI V8
500 HP 150 MPH+
3 speed auto or 4 speed manual.
Best acceleration and top speed, but can be a bit difficult to control with such a heavy engine up front and so much power at the rear tires.

The 1968-1970 Dodge Charger and other vehicles manufactured by Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge in the late 60's and early 70's were actually some of the better handling cars of the time and even by current standards corner remarkably well for their size. This is mainly attributed to the vehicles lightweight, rigid unibody design as well as its torsion bar front and leaf spring rear suspension which is just as functional as it is primitive. In addition to having a more effective suspension system than most vehicles of the time, the Charger was available with a wide selection of powerful engines including the small but powerful 318 5.2L small block V8, the monster 440 7.2L big block V8 and the legendary 426HEMI 6.9L V8. Despite it's large cast iron V8 engines 68-70 Chargers are relatively light cars weighing in between 3300 and 3800 pounds depending on optional equipment. And unlike certain other larger classic cars the Charger actually has a chance of making it around the occasional corner at reasonable speeds.

Installation instructions are included in the readme.

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