Vehicle Handling V (Special Vehicle Circuit DLC) [FINAL]



  • Game version 1.0.1032.1 or higher
  • Mods folder
  • Latest openIV


    The foundation of Vehicle Handling V is the popular 'Speed Damage Suspension'. Which has now been developed further. To be used primarily with a controller. Which in turn creates a smooth, balanced and more realistic vehicle handling experience.

    Vehicles have their own individual handling line. Making each vehicle feel and behave differently.
    User tests have shown Vehicle Handling V also works well with a steering wheel.

    Installation is a automatic.
    Instructions are included in the 'READ ME' file
    Pirate versions not supported.

    Known issues: Planes no longer handle how they're supposed to.
    Rockstar have changed the way they handle.

  • Increased top speed
  • Increased body damage
  • Reduced traction
  • Softer suspension
  • Understeer & Oversteer
  • Reworked acceleration
  • Reworked damage
  • Better crashes
  • Faster planes & reduced turbulence


  • Extra body damage
  • Vanilla body damage
  • Backfire SFX
  • Reduced off-road traction

  • CHANGES 1.6

    -updated with the special races dlc vehicles
    -game version change




    Inverse Power
    Manual Transmission


    OpenIV Team
    Alexander Blade

    Please do not copy or redistribute
    without the authors permission.
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